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Reynolds Catering’s Shift to Zero-Emissions Vehicles

Reynolds Catering Supplies, a leader in the national food wholesaling and distribution sector, has taken a significant step towards sustainability with the introduction of the new DAF LF Electric vehicle. Based at their Sherburn-in-Elmet depot, this 19-tonne, zero-emissions truck is revolutionising multi-drop deliveries throughout Leeds. Equipped with a Gray & Adams refrigerated body and a Hulsteins ‘Slimline 15’ emission-free temperature control unit, this vehicle sets a new standard in eco-friendly transportation.


Optimising Performance and Environmental Impact

The DAF LF Electric is more than just a symbol of technological progress; it also exemplifies operational effectiveness. Its user-friendly nature and nimbleness have been commended by drivers, especially in city environments. This vehicle is specifically engineered to cover more than 100 miles per delivery cycle, operating for six hours a day and six days a week. With such demanding requirements, the LF Electric is estimated to reduce approximately 70 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Hulsteins Slimline 15 unit adds an extra 10-tonne CO2 reduction annually.


Strategic Electrification of Fleet

Reynolds Catering has consistently demonstrated its dedication to fleet electrification. The inclusion of smaller electric vehicles has already shown significant efficiency improvements, particularly in local and last-mile delivery scenarios. This strategy not only enhances operational efficiency but also aligns with global sustainability goals.


Comprehensive Support and Future Plans

The transition to electric vehicles has been supported by NRG Riverside, a fleet hire specialist, ensuring a smooth integration of these advanced vehicles into Reynolds’s operations. The fleet expansion includes 29 more DAF trucks with conventional Euro-6 engines scheduled for delivery, emphasising a balanced approach to upgrading their fleet with both electric and efficient conventional vehicles.


Enhanced Vehicle Specifications and Capabilities

The DAF LF Electric is powered by an electric motor that produces a nominal power of 250kW and torque of 1,200Nm. It employs advanced LFP batteries free of cobalt and magnesium, offering a gross energy content of 282kWh. This setup enables the truck to cover up to 280km on a single charge, depending on route and climatic conditions.


Commitment to Quality and Customer Trust

Reynolds’s choice of the DAF LF Electric underscores their trust in the manufacturer’s quality and extensive support network. Steve White, Head of Fleet at Reynolds, commends DAF for their exceptional products and customer service. He notes that the 19-tonne GVW LF Electric is particularly suited for their demanding multi-drop delivery operations in and around Leeds.


Leading Sustainability in the Food Sector

Nick Reynolds, Head of Sustainability at Reynolds Catering, highlights the company’s role in leading sustainability efforts within the food distribution industry. By investing in vehicles like the DAF LF Electric, Reynolds is not only meeting current environmental standards but also future proofing their business model.


A Partnership Built on Innovation and Support

Chris Snelson, Fleet & Asset Director at NRG Riverside, acknowledges the strong partnership with Reynolds Catering. This relationship has enabled them to meet the evolving needs of Reynolds’s fleet and support their decarbonisation strategy effectively.

Reynolds Catering Supplies is setting an example for the industry by integrating advanced, zero-emission vehicles into their fleet. This move not only enhances their operational efficiency but also significantly contributes to reducing environmental impact, showcasing their commitment to a sustainable future.

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