SA1 Solutions supports businesses transitioning from ISDN to VOIP

Award-winning South Wales-based IT and communications company SA1 Solutions is urging businesses to transition from ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) before it is too late.

SA1 Solutions offers its IT expertise to over 200 customers across the UK. The company is a multi-award winner, most recently being named the best business in Swansea at the 2019 Welsh SME Business Awards.

The transition from ISDN to VOIP comes after BT announced that from 2020, it will no longer be providing its ISDN service to customers. As of 2025, all support for the service will come to an end.

SA1 Solutions recognised that many businesses would be affected by this decision from BT, so the company has offered advice and support through its sister organisation SA1 Telecoms.

Experts at SA1 Telecoms recommend that ISDN users switch to VOIP. This is an alternative phone service that relies on an internet connection instead of a phone line. It is cheaper for users as they do not require a separate phone service in order to take and receive calls, even internationally. All that is needed to operate this service is a broadband connection.

SA1 Telecoms understands that transitioning from ISDN to VOIP can be a daunting task for businesses, which is why they have offered advice and support from their team of IT experts.

Alex Kamil, technical director of SA1 Solutions and SA1 Telecoms, said:

“We can see how this announcement from BT has caused considerable concern among many businesses, and we are here to help. The transition from ISDN to VOIP doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting, and SA1 is proud to offer its expert advice to anyone who requires it.”

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