South Wales sports therapy centre, one2one Physiotherapy, are planning to support South Wales athletes, clients and marathon runners who will be heading North to take part in next weekend’s Snowdonia Marathon with a £10 discount on pre-and post-race sports massage treatments.

The multi-disciplinary sports therapy centre, established in 2004 in Bridgend, has built up a reputation of excellence in supporting professional athletes, including a number of top-ranking triathletes who recently competed in the World Championships.  Many of the elite athletes use sports massage to help them both prepare for and recover from professional competitions.

The Snowdonia Marathon is becoming increasingly popular with South Wales runners who enjoy the challenge and spectacular scenery that the North Wales event offers, and a number of one2one clients have already booked in for pre- and post-massage for the event.

Practice Manager Tracy Harris says getting the timing right for both is crucial:

“Sports massage is a useful ally to runners, but timing is everything.

“Sports Massage right before a race might leave you sore on the starting line, so our advice is to get a pre-race massage a few days before you head North to compete.  Likewise, rather than immediately post-race, we’d recommend having a sports massage a few days after completing the run.  This timing is optimal for muscle recovery.

“We are offering a pre-and-post race package for £70 (normally £80) to support our marathon runners.  It’s worth mentioning, too, that we have a number of sports physiotherapists based in the clinic should you succumb to injury during the race, or need professional advice on whether or not you are safe to run whilst nursing a specific injury.”

Other patients who don’t plan to do the race can still take advantage of the discount offer when booking two sports massage treatments.  Tracy says you don’t need to partake in sport to benefit from sports massage treatment:

“Sports massage is a great therapy and you don’t have to be involved in sport to benefit from a sports massage.

“Most of us suffer with increased tension in our muscles through every day stresses such as work, driving, carrying children, using computers, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. This tension can build up and start to give you pain.

“Sports massage is very effective in the treatment and management of increased muscle tension so can be used by anyone suffering from it, at any age.”

For more information, please contact one2one Therapies on 01656 652635 or visit the company website