As all three Nations face different COVID rules, how will professional football be affected?

Wales took earlier action than England on imposing a national “firebreak” national lockdown, which hit amateur clubs hard, however the FAW confirmed that football clubs with a sufficient amount of professional players, coaches and operational staff in the JD Cymru Premier – as defined by the Welsh Government guidelines – could play during lockdown, but behind closed doors.

However, as England heads into lockdown, and Scotland enters it’s own tiered system, fans are asking, will all three home nations be facing different COVID 19 restrictions for football matches and therefore unable to play each other?

In good news for sports fans, Wales lockdown ends today and announcements by the English and Scottish Governments have confirmed that Premier League football and other elite sports will be allowed to continue during the new lockdowns, although amateur sports will be put on hold during the lockdown period.  Scotland confirmed a similar stance yesterday.

It therefore seems likely that for the Premier League at least, lockdown won’t stop play and fans will be able to  watch televised matches and place bets online.   Football fans can check match schedules for the Premier League here and can click here for football odds online.

Smaller clubs in Wales are hoping that play will be resumed when lockdown ends on November 9th, however we await an announcement to confirm this.  However, the not so good news is that if amateur play is resumed, it’s likely to be limited to Wales.

Amateur football remains suspended by Scotland and England under new lockdown rules which are likely to be in force for at least 4 weeks.

It’s going to be a painful Winter for amateur sportsmen, and one short on ground revenue and training opportunities for clubs, but at least there will be some professional games on TV.  Let’s hope they aren’t all on pay per view.

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