Every high school student faces the moment when it is necessary to decide on further education and choose a suitable academic institution. Many people pick up colleges far away from their hometowns to get out of parental control and meet new people. However, sometimes students underestimate certain cities, treating them more like a great vacation getaway than a suitable place for getting educated. Thus, many people associate Wales with myths about Merlin and numerous castles, but it is not the full list of things the principality can offer you. Welsh educational institutions can surprise you a lot and provide you with incredible learning experiences and research opportunities. And it is not to mention the breathtaking atmosphere, nature, and great social activities. If you are afraid that you will not be able to cope with the workload, then you might have no idea about unemployed professors who can have your back when necessary. So, you have good chances to keep up with any curriculum, no matter how hard it may seem at first glance. What should you be aware of studying in Wales?

  1. High-quality education and career prospects

Welsh students get a wonderful learning experience thanks to the well-tailored curriculums. Students get a chance to participate in various types of research involving the latest technologies and methodologies. You will get a high-quality qualification that is valued worldwide. Well, the UK higher education system is considered one of the best for a reason. Besides, most universities have departments specialized in helping graduates to get a place in a decent company. For instance, some universities cooperate with NASA, world-famous companies, and enterprises. Thus, according to statistics, about 94% of Welsh students get employed within the first five months after graduation.

  1. Affordable cost of living

Everyone knows that the UK is not the cheapest place to live in. Nonetheless, Wales can boast of a pretty low cost of living compared to other British cities. Thus, you will save on renting accommodation and food and have enough money for entertaining and traveling around the region. Besides, don’t forget that a specialized writing service, speedypaper, can help you clear up the schedule on a budget, so you will be able to enjoy your student life to the fullest. Indeed, Wales stands out with its picturesque natural landscapes and historical sites, so your weekend will hardly be boring if you are not a sitting-down type, of course. You will not find another place in the world that has about 611 castles per square mile.

  1. International community and support services

Since the UK academic institutions are considered top-rated, they attract students from all over the world. Studying at a Welsh university, you can come across students and professors with various national roots. Thus, you will get outstanding experience and broaden your horizons in many aspects. Welsh academic institutions have well-developed communities where students can always find a helping hand. Well, maybe, international students choose this city because most universities provide the so-called “support packages” that involve numerous perks. For instance, young people can count on pre-departure instructions, free English courses, study skills support, and even excursions around the city. If you have any issues, whether they are of financial, emotional, or medical character, you will always find help.

  1. Numerous extracurricular activities

If you are used to an active lifestyle and don’t want to spend all your free time over the books, you will be able to try your hand at various extracurricular activities. They have different types of societies and sports teams, so you will find something to your liking. The International Student Society arranges events to help students find friends and get acquainted with new people. Welsh academic institutions do their best to provide a friendly and fascinating studying environment. Besides, don’t forget that you will study in a picturesque place that can boast of different national parks, beaches, and surf opportunities. If you don’t want to stay at home, you can always come up with an entertaining program. For example, you can go hiking, cycling, rafting, and even snorkeling. Thus, even if you decide to procrastinate a bit and keep your mind off the books, you will find many interesting things to do.