A competition has been launched to tackle climate change back from the future. Denbighshire pupils are being asked to post a message through time to help us create a better future.


School pupils have to imagine we have moved ahead to 2050. Each are asked to send a postcard back to their younger selves to explain how climate change is potentially impacting on their lives. Those taking part are encouraged to imagine what has been done over the years to help the environment and reduce climate change, the impact of new technology on people and the environment, how animals are surviving in the future and the effects of the weather.


Denbighshire County Council declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency in 2019 and committed to seeking to become a Net Carbon Zero and Ecologically Positive Council by 2030.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Pupils across Denbighshire have a really good understanding of how climate change is impacting on their lives. They have great ideas and carry out a lot of good work themselves to try and support tackling climate change.

“We want to open the floor to them through this competition to really listen to how they view climate change and help us learn more about what we can do working together.”

“We are asking every pupil taking part to imagine what they would say to their younger self or a relative for them to take action now and change their behaviour for the good of our environment.”


Schools taking part will be provided with a postcard template to use.

The winning pupils and schools will be revealed on December 12.

Winners will have the chance to read their own postcard to Elected Members of Denbighshire County Council, help their school receive a talk from the County Council’s Biodiversity Team and a collection of plug plants to help create or improve a wildflower area and a selection of environmental books for the school.

The competition is also supported by the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) zero carbon BritainCAT is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change.


For information on the competition is available here –  https://www.denbighshire.gov.uk/en/education-and-schools/schools-competition-postcards-from-the-future.aspx