The sports physiotherapists at one2one are no stranger to treating elite athletes who compete at the highest levels in cycling, triathlon and a whole host of other sports, however last weekend’s Healthspan Porthcawl 10k saw the team celebrating smaller achievements across a massive age and fitness demographic as the team took the event’s corporate prize.

The one2one team of 30 runners was a truly diverse mix of staff, family friends and clients, with elite athletes, club runners, social runners as well as complete novices all taking part.  The one2one team also boasted one of the largest generational demographics, with participants aged between 20 – 69.   The team also took the quickest corporate time for the top 5 finishers – but Clinic Director Rhian Davies said there were lots of smaller achievements – and she even persuaded her parents to join in!  Rhian explains:

“I was so proud of my friends and family for taking part.  My mum and dad did their first 10k event – both in their late sixties, proving that it’s never too late to start.  My sister and cousins also joined in.   I ran with my two best friends – the last race we did together was the New York marathon in 2006 and they both got a PB.

Rhian explained that many of those taking part had faced health challenges of their own.  Triathlete Adam Bowden raced despite spending 2 weeks off training being bed ridden with flu.

Meanwhile, Heidi, one of several one2one sports massage therapists, ran despite a recent bike injury where she had fractured her wrist.

Two of the clients who had joined the team were also returning from a long absence due to injury.  Camille was delighted to complete her first 10k in 12 years after previously giving up running due to injury, as was Angela, another client who joined the one2one team despite 3 years off due to an injury.  Rhian explains:

“This fab event was a personal challenge for many of the team in some way or another.  Even though I work with elite athletes every day, I have a thyroid condition and ill health myself, so I was really pleased to be able to  take part after 3 years of being unable to run.  I’m so proud of our team, it is a testament to the work we do at one2one, not just with our elite athletes – it’s about helping everyone, staff, clients and families, to be the best they can be. As a multi-disciplinary therapy centre in Bridgend, our ethos is to work together to guide clients to whichever therapies and exercise classes are best for them, at the right pace for them, to help them achieve their life goals.  The whole team are committed to delivering a client-led approach and last weekend was the perfect illustration of that working in practice.”

Rhian also praised event organisers for the excellent way the event was run:

“The spirit of the event was amazing.  The organisers had done a really good job, and the fantastic support from the crowd and the electric atmosphere helped everyone cross the finish line – and the setting, taking in some of Porthcawl’s best scenery, added to the experience, everyone joined in and everyone had a great time – winning the corporate challenge is a real bonus.”

Many of the runners also expressed their gratitude for the support that Porthcawl locals gave the event, with many residents cheering runners on while handing out sweets and much-needed cold water to the passing runners – some even offered garden hosepipes to cool down runners as they struggled with running in the warmer than average weather.  Rhian said:

“This wasn’t just a successful 10k, it showed Porthcawl at it’s best, and will cement the town’s reputation as a go-to event destination with fantastic facilities, beautiful scenery and friendly locals.  This may have been the inaugural event for Porthcawl, but it definitely won’t be the last – team one2one are already looking forward to the next one!”