Video platform Whereby assisting the move towards online schooling

The use of digital software in education, particularly for early years, was relatively uncommon prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the World Bank, no country prior had an established, full universal digital teaching curriculum for teaching and learning. The outbreak led to schools across the world shutting down their physical facilities – and instead, teachers and students alike saw the shift towards e-learning where teaching is undertaken remotely and taught on facilitating digital platforms, such as Whereby. The education landscape has shifted as we know it, and Whereby has allowed for quick adoption to these challenging circumstances.

Teaching is becoming more and more digital. Assignments are now paperless, with feedback provided to students digitally. Whereby has collaborated with Showbie, a Canadian-based remote learning company in expanding to support e-learning for both students and their teachers.


Virtual learning

Showbie is a digital platform that works to deliver real time lessons through paperless teaching. Assignments can be uploaded by teachers, completed virtually by students and then feedback can be facilitated through the use of one-to-one video calls or voice messages. This video feature is a must-have for personalised feedback and to monitor progress when teaching cannot be undertaken physically. There is no need for additional training to use the software, for both students and teachers. The software manages all complexities associated with e-learning simply and reliably.


Fast integration

With demand during peak-lockdown reaching new heights, thousands of students and teachers struggled to join together hassle-free. By integrating with Whereby’s API, Sjowbie was able to integrate e-learning effectively and efficiently, allowing participants to join using the same custom link through just one click.


Secure and safe e-learning

Boasting from 2 million users, Showbie needed to guarantee each user’s security when using video meetings, especially for the sake of safeguarding younger users. Whereby has allowed for just this. It is 100% GDPR compliant, uses end-to-end encryption and a user-friendly privacy policy. Hosts of meeting rooms, typically teachers, make the decision whether to allow someone to join into their room which prevents any gate-crashing from unwanted users.


Digital classrooms

Many have questioned whether e-learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, with schools now running physically again.

Technology allows for optimum efficiency, and e-learning has certainly worked in preparing students for a probable technology-driven future. One-to-one engagement is so important in education, and Whereby’s new API has allowed Showbie to provide this in helping thousands of teachers to maintain the classroom environment for students in the digital world.

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