Denbighshire County Council has made the decision to install temporary barriers on the promenade side of the Rhyl High Street pedestrian zone.

From Monday 18th July the temporary barriers will be closed from 10am to 5pm every day to prevent motorists driving and parking within the pedestrian zone.

This comes after the Council has received numerous complaints from the local community and business owners. Although additional enforcement has been carried out by Denbighshire County Council civil enforcement officers, some drivers have persisted to do so, causing continuing safety concerns.

Delivery vehicles will still be permitted from 5pm until 10am the following day, as the barrier will be left open during these times. An emergency contact number will also be provided should emergency access be required between 10am and 5pm.

Loading bays have been created on both East and West Parade near to the top of the High Street, as well as twenty free one-hour parking spaces in the Central Car Park, providing alternative nearby locations for people to use if needed.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport said: “We are constantly listening to our local communities and business owners to ensure that we keep improving our services in Denbighshire where we can.”

“Although enforcement has been increased in the last twelve months, with over 400 penalty charge notices issued in this location over the last two years, this tells us that current measures aren’t sufficient enough to deterrent motorists from parking in this area.”

“The safety of our communities and the protection of local businesses is our priority”

Businesses in the area have already been informed about the installation of the temporary barriers.

The Council is looking at permanent barrier solutions for the medium to long term, however this option of a temporary barrier allows for an instant solution in the interim.