Just like several other countries, Finland does not penalize online gambling, giving room for so many players to troop into the gambling space. And since it is so easy to sign up on top brands like Betinia casino, many individuals register without proper knowledge of what gambling entails. In most cases, it doesn’t end well for them. But it is very avoidable. And that is the reason for this guide.

We tailored this content specially for those that are new to gambling in Finland. As you read on, you will find several pointers that will come in handy in your gambling journey. Enjoy!

Start With Simpler Games

As a beginner, you should work your way up from the simpler games. Many beginners make the mistake of jumping on the more technical games like blackjack or poker for a start. At the end of the day, they get overwhelmed by the rules and technicality, eventually leading to frustration.

If you want to truly enjoy gambling, start with simpler games like slots. These games have lesser technicalities, making them perfect for beginners.

Don’t Depend On Gambling As A Source Of Income

Many beginners make the mistake of seeing gambling as a primary money-making source. Those who rush into the industry with that mentality eventually get disappointed when they discover the truth. If you want to enjoy gambling, do it for the fun—not for the money. Most importantly, don’t see it as an avenue to get rich.

Capitalize On Bonuses and Promotions

As a beginner, you will find several gambling brands with welcome offers that offer you a chance to gain when you register on their platform. Many beginners assume that they are too good to be true so they resort to staying away from them. However, take it from us here that not all casino welcome bonuses are scams.

You will know the legit ones by checking their bonus terms and conditions, looking for information like:

  • Turnover Requirement
  • Validity period
  • Minimum and Maximum Win Limit

If those conditions are realistic and you can attain them within the validity period, nothing is stopping you from claiming the bonus. Remember that you can only claim welcome bonuses once, so make them count.


Specialization in gambling refers to sticking to what you are good at. Most times, beginners believe they should play every game and use every possible gambling service in a casino. From experience, that doesn’t always work out well. Instead, find something you like, and are good at, and stick to it.

For example, if you find that you are better at slots, don’t force yourself on blackjack. Specialization would allow you to have fun with what you love.

Wrap Up

As a new gambler in Finland, following this simple guide will help you derive the most fun from gambling. They may look simple, but at the end of the day, the basics are the most important. And don’t forget that gambling should be a source of fun, not a livelihood. In short, don’t stake money you can’t afford to lose.