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Get ready for a global laughter extravaganza as we embark on a journey to explore the best comedy clubs around the world. Whether you’re going traveling soon or just want to learn more about the comedy scene, there are plenty of places where fellow comedy enthusiasts like to hang out. Comedy has a universal language, and each corner of the globe has its own unique flavour of humour waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a look at some comedy clubs to visit.


Comedy Clubs in Europe

First, let’s start with Europe; there are going to be so many we don’t get to mention. But, let’s highlight some popular ones in major tourist destinations.


Comedy Carnival – London, UK

First on our list, we start with a popular place in the UK capital, we’re talking about London. This vibrant city is home to many comedy clubs, but one sticks out. We’re referring to Comedy Carnival. It has countless five-star reviews and many famous comedians taking to the stage. You can visit if you want to see what’s on offer, which includes a variety of Thursday, Friday and Saturday night shows, plus the chance to get a show and dinner ticket.


The Comedyhuis – Utrecht, Netherlands

In Utrecht, Netherlands, The Comedyhuis takes the spotlight with its focus on stand-up and improv. This club is a melting pot of comedic styles, featuring both local talents and international sensations.


The Comedy Club – Paris, France

Our journey continues to the City of Lights, where The Comedy Club in Paris adds a French twist to the laughter. With a multilingual approach and a knack for cultural satire, it’s a must-visit for comedy aficionados.


Comedy Clubs in North America

The comedy scene is booming in North America. So, if you plan on being in the United States or Canada anytime soon, here are some venues to visit.


The Comedy Store – Los Angeles, USA

Welcome to the legendary Comedy Store, nestled in the heart of Los Angeles. This iconic club has witnessed some of the greatest comedic performances in history. From Richard Pryor to Robin Williams, it’s a stage where laughter echoes through the ages.


Second City – Chicago, USA

Known for its improvisational prowess, Second City in Chicago is a comedic institution. The improv skills developed here have shaped the comedy landscape, influencing everything from “Saturday Night Live” to blockbuster films.


Yuk Yuk’s – Toronto, Canada

Heading north to Toronto, we find Yuk Yuk’s, a cornerstone of the Canadian comedy scene. With a rich history and a knack for discovering local talent, this club is a true gem in the comedic landscape.


Comedy Clubs in Asia

As we’ve mentioned, comedy is a universal language. Somewhere else you can enjoy comedy is in Asia.


TakeOut Comedy Club – Hong Kong

Venturing into Asia, we find TakeOut Comedy Club in the bustling city of Hong Kong. This club has played a pivotal role in developing the comedy scene in Asia, bridging cultural gaps through humour.


The Comedy Masala – Singapore

Next stop, Singapore! The Comedy Masala stands out with its pan-Asian comedic influences and a stage that hosts diverse acts from around the globe.


The Canvas Laugh Club – Mumbai, India

In the vibrant city of Mumbai, India, The Canvas Laugh Club takes centre stage, contributing to the growing comedy culture in the country. With a blend of local and global flavours, it’s a laughter-filled experience.


Comedy Clubs in Australia

When you imagine Australia, you see the beautiful beaches, the Outback and even the Great Barrier Reef. But, some comedy clubs are popular with tourists and locals alike.


The Comics Lounge – Melbourne

Down under in Melbourne, Australia, The Comics Lounge showcases the unique humour of the Aussie spirit. With strong support for emerging comedians, it’s a hub for both laughter and talent development.


The Sit Down Comedy Club – Brisbane

Our tour concludes in Brisbane, where The Sit Down Comedy Club adds its own flavour to the Australian comedy circuit. Unique show formats and themes keep audiences coming back for more.


Always Research the Comedians

While choosing the comedy club is important, you must also investigate the talent. For example, you can choose a fantastic venue and then dislike the show because the comedian isn’t your style or vibe. Comedy is universal, but it’s also subjective. What one person might find laugh-out-loud hilarious, you may dislike intensely. The key to enjoying a comedy show is to do your research. See what comedians will be in the show and find their biographies online. You can also watch videos on their social media or YouTube. You want to understand them better and whether they’re your cup of tea.



And there you have it, a whirlwind tour of the best comedy clubs around the world. Laughter truly knows no borders, and these clubs stand as a testament to the universal appeal of humour. As you embark on your comedy club adventures, remember to explore local scenes and discover the diverse ways people find joy in laughter.