Did you know that you can update your TV license online, and it’s incredibly simple. As we all know, you must pay the TV license fee for as long as you meet the criteria. However, what happens if you’re moving? If you opt to pay your TV license by direct debit, your payments will be made automatically and without interruption, but your service will be listed at the wrong place. It takes more than wishful thinking to update your address. Luckily, we’ve put all the info you need in one place.

Do you have to renew/update your TV license when moving?

TV license updates and renewals are a must if you continue using TV services in the UK. The expiration date on each license will be found by email, so you can see how long you are covered for. In many cases, users pay monthly by direct debit with 3 months up front, or annually upfront. If you’re moving, you don’t necessarily have to renew your television license, but you do need to notify them of your new address.


How do you update your TV license?

1. Save time, money and effort by using www.slothmove.com.

Let’s face it, moving can be stressful and time-consuming. SlothMove is a business designed to help you fix that. All you need to do is jump over to SlothMove, sign up and select what services you want updated. Then, you enter a few bits of info and SlothMove does the rest. They cover everything from Royal Mail redirects to updating loyalty cards. No more filling out multiple forms, waiting on the phone or wasting energy on these daunting processes! If you’re interested in passing off the workload to a trustworthy and dedicated team, then SlothMove is highly recommended.

2. Fill out the TV Licensing details update form at tvlicencing.co.uk

This isn’t rocket science, but it will take a bit of time. You’ll be required to provide extra information as well for verification.

A few bits of info you’ll need are:

  • Customer number or TV License
  • Last name (as shown on your TV License)
  • The address at which the applicant holds a license


3. Call TV Licensing at 0300 790 6165

If you’d rather talk to someone, you can always call the TV Licensing directly. However, keep in mind you may have to wait in call queues while trying to contact their customer service. To pay by phone on a monthly basis, you’ll need a TV Licensing payment card.


4. Send a letter to TV Licensing with payment information and account details:

If you’re old fashioned, you can always send a letter to: TV Licensing, Darlington DL98 1TL. We should mention this is riddled with potential issues including lost post, miscommunications, and extended waiting periods. We wouldn’t recommend this as your first option.


5. Purchase a new license

from any of these retailers: Optimum Online, Virgin Media Store, or Sky Store, more…


If your TV license has expired, you could buy a new one. That does, however, include dealing with 3rd party dealers, starting the process from scratch, creating new accounts, and adding payment information. This can all be very time consuming during a period when you’ll need all the extra time you can get.


What happens if you don’t renew your TV License?

You wouldn’t be alone if you’re wondering, “what happens if I don’t renew my TV license.” The answer to the question depends on if you actually require a TV License. If you don’t renew your TV License, it will lapse. If you don’t have a valid license, you risk being fined up to £1,000. It may appear severe, but people are arrested and charged every year for failing to update their TV licenses. However, this is if you plan to continue using TV services. You can cancel your TV license immediately and get a refund for any excess payments if you don’t need it. If you pay in advance, there’s nothing else you have to do and the license will not be renewed.


The takeaway:


We’ve gone through everything you need to know about updating and renewing your TV license. The easiest way by far is to use SlothMove. They have been doing it for years and have made the process incredibly quick and simple. But you can also update your license by form, phone, or post by using the information provided above.