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The British Council for Offices South Wales announces free membership for students

Students can now become members of the British Council for Offices (BCO) and benefit from its research and events for free.

The organisation which aims to promote best practice in the office sector announced that all under-graduate and post-graduate students on relevant courses are now eligible for membership at no charge as part of its drive to encourage more young people to join.

Student members will have access to the BCO’s wide range of research reports into trends, challenges and needs in the office market including the recently published Guide to Specification and its BCO NextGen group’s talks, tours and other activities.

To apply, students should download the dedicated Student Membership Application Form, which is available from the BCO’s website ( Applicants will need to secure sign off from their relevant head of department.

Student membership renews annually, so long as the individual remains in study.

The BCO’s NextGen Group consists of members aged 35 or under, who receive discounted membership and access to exclusive events, including the BCO’s annual NextGen Awards.

Andrew Heath, chairman of the BCO South Wales, said: “We are delighted to introduce this new student membership which will give those hoping to enter careers in the office sector access to a fantastic range of resources.

“The BCO is always keen to foster new young talent within our industry which is why we are offering our services to students at no cost. It is a logical extension of our NextGen group which now accounts for a quarter of our membership. Our research and events could provide a major boost to any studies in areas related to the office sector.”

Richard Kauntze, chief executive of the BCO, said:

“The UK’s workplace sector is at the forefront of confronting some of tomorrow’s biggest challenges, ranging from climate change to the rapid development of data and artificial intelligence. The new Guide to Specification outlines technical solutions to these challenges, but this change must be led by talented young people who can take our industry forward.

“The BCO is committed to promoting and developing this talent. This began with our NextGen Group and is now followed by our student membership programme. I would encourage all students who are eligible for the free membership to sign up, our reports are incredibly useful for research projects and our events can help young people establish the first steps in their career.”


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