The coronavirus pandemic has been roaming for more than 1 year and there are no signs of the end. Even though the vaccination has already started and Wales is doing extremely well, it is a long way to go before the virus is fully eradicated and it is unlikely we will witness something positive worldwide until the end of 2021.

During the pandemic, people are forced to remain in strict lockdowns. Some counties have imposed really harsh measures, while in the other ones we see the easing of restrictions. Staying at home people in different countries have been picking up new hobbies. Some of these hobbies have always been popular, but the pandemic and the existence of curfew accelerated them. Let’s have a look at new hobbies and activities country by country.

The US

The United States remains the most affected country in the world both by infected and deceased. The country witnessed more than 500,000 victims from Covid and a lot of states imposed strict quarantine measures. According to statistics and comments from people, they became more involved in DIY things, as well as crafting and painting. Some of them even started their own YouTube channels which garnered a lot of attention and viewers. Origami was particularly popular among US citizens and it really helped them deal with the harsh effects of the pandemic.


Russia has always been known for video gamers. If we take a look at the esports discipline and teams, the majority of them come from Russia and they have incredible results at different tournaments. FIFA, League of Legends, Dota 2 are one of the major esports games and with time, players developed really good skills that encouraged them to form teams. Traditional gaming also became popular. Stuck at home, Russian youngsters turned to PC games, consoles, and even really old games which to this time arise great feelings.


From the Scandinavian countries, Norway was also one of the most affected countries. With more than 70,000 cases, the state also declared lockdown and people remained at home. This boosted the rising popularity of online gambling, which has always been a subject of controversy in the country, but during the pandemic sports betting websites in Scandinavia have seen huge traffic from Norway. Even though most of the major leagues were halted amid the fear of spreading the coronavirus, people were placing bets on other disciplines, which we have already mentioned above – esports.

The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, people took up 2 hobbies in particular: cooking and watching various movies. Of course, it is not a new hobby, but to deal with unbearable routine, people found cooking as a way to get enjoyment. A lot of citizens came up with new recipes and some discovered their hidden talents.

Netflix streaming also grew immensely during the pandemic. At some point, there was trouble with the Internet connection because of the massive amount of people watching various movies. This was somehow a challenge – watching as many movies and TV shows as possible. But what to do – in a pandemic everything is reasonable, considering that a lot of people were left unemployed or moved entirely to remote working.


China, where the virus initially appeared and spread in other countries, seems to be defeating the virus. In 2021 few cases are recorded daily and the world’s most populous state has started vaccinating its citizens. It should be noted that originally, people were in trouble, because of the strict rules, but some still managed to learn something new. Knitting and creative writing were really attractive for a large number of citizens. Once again, being original is difficult, but at least these activities helped people to focus more on self-development.

Final words

It is 2021 and Covid is not going anywhere. The virus has changed massively the way people interact with each other and numerous tendencies will definitely remain once the pandemic is over. We have heard face masks, lockdown, quarantine, coronavirus more than any other words in 2020. As for the hobbies, there are even more and the prospect of a third wave in most European countries will once again encourage citizens to try out something new.