When it comes to traditional marketing methods and building up outreach funnels for business growth in the entertainment industry, there have been a lot of changes. Not only has the internet changed the way people perceive entertainment, but as the next generation of online consumers build up their careers, businesses have to alter their marketing strategies. And one of the best ways is through the entertainment industry. 

Let’s delve deeper into how online businesses utilize the latest platforms to reach out to a growing number of online consumers, mainly Generation Z. 

How Traditional Marketing may fall behind

When it comes to traditional marketing methods we might think of television, radio, flyers, billboards and other forms of media displays. While these are still predominant for both older and younger generations, online media has taken over.

But that is not the end of the story. Not only has online marketing and media taken a huge piece of the marketing strategies with it, but it has altered and evolved as Generation Z reaches a new phase of consumerism. This is where traditional marketing fails and even some of the older marketing methods.

Online marketers who used to make a living from giving blogging, SEO and content advice are now looking into new ways of making money online. Why is that? There are three main reason:

  1. Because the market is saturated with fresh new content and keyword competition is fierce in the world of search engine marketing
  2. Traditional marketing is difficult to utilize under limited budget
  3. The new generation is more interested in dynamic visual content like TikTok, Youtube and Twitch videos 

So what is to become of the future of marketing and how will the entertainment industry cater to the needs of the younger generations?

The Rise of Gen Z Consumerism

There were days when online content creators would emphasize the importance of web hosting, digital content development and applying the right marketing strategies to achieve company growth. But as we were at the second of the 2010’s, new content creators have taken hold of the market, sometimes without even implementing any of the marketing strategies that most professional SEO managers, content developers and lead generation specialists would only dream about. How did they do it?

There is a rise of new platforms where entertainment is the biggest supporter of customer loyalty. Think of the early days of platforms like TikTok, OnlyFans or Twitch. It was mostly disregarded by big businesses, but as it attracted a wider audience (mainly from Gen Z) the platform has evolved.

For example, twitch streaming has risen not only within the gaming industry but into coaching, tutoring, sports and other forms of entertainment. People have realized that the next generation of loyal followers, may not only lie in specialised content but rather in adapting creative, entertaining and sometimes even goofy material for an audience that will grow to become the biggest online consumer generation in the upcoming few years.


Marketing is evolving. There is no doubt about it. However the pace of changes will be shifting rapidly towards new platforms like Twitch, TikTok and OnlyFans, where growth in the number of new users far exceed those of Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Live. 

The future of online marketing will be determined by fast-paced platforms that can deliver quick and user-friendly accessibility to fresh and trendy content for the younger generation.