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The importance of cable management in the workspace

Cables can be frustrating when they build up. Suddenly you’ll find yourself reaching through a messy tangle of wires when you’re searching for your charger, or even moving your chair! Managing your cables correctly can alleviate this issue and make your workspace a much calmer place. Below, we explore the importance of cable management in the workspace.


A tangle of wires and cables can be a hazard. It’s easy to trip over this mess on the floor, especially for small children and pets. Cables lying around are a simple hazard to avoid and it’d be incredibly frustrating for an injury to result from something so unnecessary.


A cluttered space can lead to extra stress and anxiety. Instead, by having a tidy workspace, you’re more likely to feel more relaxed. One of the main ways to achieve this is by tidying up your cables. Having them in an organised system can save you time and make your office environment a much more pleasant space to work in.


If clients are visiting your workspace the last thing you want to do is give off the impression that you’re unprofessional and shabby. But this can be the look if you have cables lying around everywhere. Instead, you should aim for a clean, professional office and tidying your cables can be a good way to achieve this.

How to keep them tidy

There are plenty of different methods for organising your cables depending on the tools you have at your disposal.

Cable protectors

Cable protectors efficiently tie cables together in one panel without any tangles. This avoids any mess as the panel rests on the floor, ensuring that no one will trip over any loose ends. Just ensure you select a protector with a non-slip surface that can accommodate each type of cable.

Cable loop ties

Cable loop ties drag all your cables together under one knot. This can ensure that they’re out the way and look tidier, although it can still be difficult to find the exact cable you need in the moment. These are best for computer cables where you’ll rarely need to access them.

Office hacks

Some office hacks can help ease the situation too. If there’s a particular cable you’re always using, you can use a Milwaukee drill to create a discreet hole in your desk for the cable to feed into – without tangling with other cables.

Cables and wires tangling can be a proper office annoyance. But there are ways to solve this problem. Cable protectors, cable loop ties and even drilling holes for cables in your desk can help your create a tidier, more relaxed workspace.

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