The launch of free period subscriptions for all young people in the area

Bridgend County Borough Council is launching a trailblazing period dignity initiative to provide free period subscriptions to young people in the area who need them.

The free period subscription programme aims to address the issue of period poverty, ensuring that individuals facing financial hardships have access to essential menstrual products, and removing any barriers to accessing education.

Period poverty remains a pressing concern in many communities, with individuals and families struggling to afford necessary menstrual supplies. Amid the cost-of-living crisis, soaring inflation and rocketing energy bills mean many have been forced to prioritise other household essentials over buying products like pads and tampons. For young people, the lack of access to products disrupts education and school attendance.

According to Welsh Government, research shows 15% of females in Wales aged 14 to 21 have been unable to afford period products at some point.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Wellbeing, Cllr Neelo Farr said: “Bridgend County Borough Council is committed to supporting young people in their community.

Our partnership with Grace & Green, a leading provider of eco-friendly period products, means that residents under 25 in the county borough can directly receive products to their home or pick up at a collection point, ensuring individuals can manage their periods with dignity and confidence.

This initiative aims to make buying these items less expensive while also supporting young people in maintaining their health, safety, and ability to engage in daily life.”

Fran Lucraft, Founder of Grace & Green said: ‘No one should have to compromise their health, education, or dignity because they cannot afford essential menstrual products.

We see access to safe and sustainable period products as a fundamental human right and we believe this initiative will be a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

The scheme goes beyond just improving period dignity by also tackling plastic pollution from menstrual products. All period products provided through the subscription program will be made from organic and biodegradable materials. This focus on sustainability aligns with Grace & Green’s mission and Welsh Government’s aim to increase the number of plastic free products funded through the period dignity grant to at least 90% by 2026. Grace and Green also offer free access in public spaces through new “pick and mix” stands.

The scheme launched in June and anyone under 25 with a Bridgend postcode is eligible. For more information about the free period subscriptions program or to learn how to contribute, please visit our website.