The move to digital and remote work is happening everywhere, including Wales, which means that many of the fastest growing industries are now computer-based. If you are looking for a new job in Wales or thinking about making a career change, this article will cover five of the most promising job sectors. Before applying to a new job, ensure that your CV is up to date and optimised for your target industry. Consider reviewing some CV examples for inspiration.

Data Analysis

As the business hub and capital of Wales, Cardiff has a steady demand for data analysts. Companies in all different industries need analysts to help gather and organise data and extrapolate trends and patterns. If you are skilled in statistics and mathematics and you are strongly analytical, data analysis may be a good fit for you. Data analysts typically hold degrees in mathematics or computer science, although you can take a project-based data analytics course as an alternative method of getting into the field. Online certifications are also available to help boost your chances of getting hired.

Web Design

Web design is also an in-demand skill in Wales, since recent government programmes have encouraged residents to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. All of the new businesses need websites created and maintained, so web designers will find no shortage of work. You can become a web designer without any formal training by learning the basics of web design theory and familiarising yourself with common web design tools. You can then create spec projects and/or personal websites in order to build a portfolio that you can show potential clients.


With the growth of the digital economy in Wales, information technology (IT) specialists are in high demand to provide support and maintenance for software, hardware, networks, databases, and so forth. IT specialists are often hired to install and set up the physical components of a system in person, and then can typically manage and trouble-shoot the system remotely. Most IT specialists hold degrees in computer science, computer engineering, information science, or a similar field. It’s common to specialise in one specific system, and many IT specialists earn vendor-specific certifications to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, Apple Certified Associate, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and so forth.

Software and Game Development

Gaming networks are emerging and growing dramatically in Wales, which has created a need for game developers and software engineers. Software engineers are also needed to create mobile applications as well as software to meet business demands. You can become a software engineer by completing online bootcamps, courses, and certifications. No formal degree is necessary, and similar to web designers, many software and game developers create a portfolio of spec or personal projects to win contracts.


Cybersecurity engineers are needed to identify and defend against threats to software systems and networks. They are the first line of defence against hacking, malware, ransomware, and other forms of cybercrime. Many cybersecurity engineers create secure network solutions in addition to monitoring, maintaining, and updating existing systems. Becoming a cybersecurity engineer requires a good deal of training, including a degree and professional certifications.