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The power of images through led walls

The use of maxi led screens is now widespread as a communication choice. In fact, involving the observer with impactful images, often in very high definition, allows you to capture the attention and create a sense of wonder and amazement in the viewer. Being able to communicate with immediacy, effectiveness and exceptional versatility any promotion or information relating to services, initiatives, products or promotions is certainly a winning aspect of large led screens.

For all the characteristics of these products we are going to describe shortly, the production and marketing of led maxi screens has increased exponentially and more and more companies are offering the most original and interesting solutions – one of these can be the well-known MacroPix supplier of led displays, with its different offer of displays also for rental.

The impact of the images reproduced by led walls – in fact they are now produced in various sizes ranging from 72 to 156 inches – also manages to attract curious visitors, who crowd Times Square sidewalks in New York or Piccadilly Circus one in London. This is because the presence of these screens to advertise a place makes them instantly recognizable and relevant to people.

How to use the big led screens?

One of the characteristics of large led screens is their versatility. In fact, they can be used both indoors (shops, shopping centres, galleries, etc.) and outdoors (building facades, stadiums, on the occasion of concerts or fairs, etc.). In each area they can also cover the informative role.

Think of the use of maxi diagrams in ski resorts to communicate to users the state of the slopes, the weather, closures or openings of lifts, etc. Or in the stadium used for times, scores or replays of the most important actions.

Why use led screens?

As mentioned above, versatility is certainly one of the most appreciated features of led screens, but not the only one. In fact, it certainly cannot be ignored that led screens have a low environmental impact. In fact, it is not a secondary aspect that they do not contain mercury (harmful in the disposal phase) and they do not produce UV. These characteristics make it an excellent product for low maintenance and long life.

Another aspect is the high definition and perfect brightness of the images. In fact, the use of led screens also helps to strengthen a given company by taking better care of the brand image. Being able to make a defined image accessible to passers-by, both during the day and in the evening, will certainly arouse interest in the company’s commercial offer.

Furthermore, with led screens, thanks to their integrated management software, it is possible to create, adjust, modify the images and videos transmitted. They can be connected to an existing screen network and easily controlled remotely.

Since 1962, the year in which this technology was developed, LED screens have now become an essential tool for the advertising world and beyond. And thanks to constantly updated technology, you can give vent to your imagination.


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