The resurfacing technique that is helping to keep Bridgend County Borough on the move

copyright Lisa Baker 2021

Bridgend County Borough Council has revealed how some of its resurfacing methods are helping to keep local roads in good condition.

Highways teams have been busy maintaining and enhancing the network with an ongoing £2.7m investment programme using different techniques to resurface, repair and refurbish local roads.

Several roads in the county borough, including Glenwood Close in Coychurch, Heol Castell in Cefn Cribwr and Summerfield Drive, Nottage, Porthcawl have been resurfaced using a special technique called Micro-Asphalt.

The method is widely used throughout the UK. It sees a water-based mixture of stones and bitumen spread over the existing surface by a special machine, which seals and protects it.

This provides a durable surface that extends the overall life of the highway, and reduces the long-term maintenance costs that would otherwise arise.

Micro-Asphalt treatment reduces the need to undertake constant individual repairs to potholes and more expensive patch repairs, which are far less efficient.

Kevin Mulcahy, Bridgend County Borough Council’s Group Manager – Highways & Green Spaces, said: “Glenwood Close and several other streets have been treated with Micro-Asphalt in order to prevent a rapid decline in the road surface.

“Without this work, the road would have deteriorated to such a level that the only available option for the carriageway would have been a complete resurfacing.

“We often receive comments that the completed work initially appears ‘unfinished’ due to the chippings on the surface, but this is entirely normal. The surface will settle and smooth out naturally as vehicles travel over it, and if it is deemed necessary, excess chippings can also be swept away.

“To ensure a high standard can be maintained, all the works undertaken have a maintenance warranty included and incorporate monies which are not released to the contractor straight away.

“We carefully inspect the road surface, and if any problems are identified, contractors are required to put them right before the final payments are released.”

Cllr Stuart Baldwin, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “Every year, we invest millions of pounds into the highways network. Our highways teams and contractors work hard to ensure that Bridgend County Borough’s roads work as efficiently as possible, and I would like to thank them for all of their efforts.”