The Tech Sector in Wales is flourishing – How can it get Even Better?

A recent report found that the technology industry in Wales is positively booming, and has created 400 new jobs on average per month over the last five years. This is an 83 percent rise, and it highlights how the country is becoming an industry leader. The tech sector in Wales is particularly vested in FinTech, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. If the country is to become a global tech hub, though, it may need to nurture a greater number of companies in the thriving gaming sector.

During times of economic uncertainty across the UK, it is nice to hear some good news about the state of affairs in Wales. Not only are jobs in the tech industry on the rise, the overall employment rate in Wales is now higher than London at 75 percent. The technology market is one of the best areas to focus on globally, as it makes up a $3.3 billion per year industry. In Wales specifically, there is a heavy focus on areas of technology which could be massive in the future – this post is typical of those frequently seen on the social media of Welsh tech leaders:

There are numerous firms in Wales which are considered to be at the cutting edge of innovation and could be about to create things that are going to be huge in years to come.

IQE, for instance, is rumoured to be developing some ground-breaking technology which will be used in the next generation of Apple’s iPhones. The company makes materials which are found in laser diodes, and these, in turn, are used for 3D tracking. Kar-Go is a start-up which is working on rolling out its own driverless cars. The vehicles built by the Academy of Robotics at the University of Aberystwyth attracted investment of over £300,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.

The gaming industry is a prosperous sector that companies in Wales should look to exploit as much as possible. Online gambling is on the rise, and iGaming, in particular, is growing in popularity. Some of the jackpot slots on the market, such as Egyptian Wilds and Rainbow Jackpots, show how evolved the games are. But there is still room for new ideas, and the company which leads the way with virtual reality slots is likely to reap the rewards.

There are some companies in Wales which are at the forefront of developments in other gaming genres. Wales Interactive, for instance, has created more than 20 games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The company was founded in 2012, and since then has been nominated for 80 awards. It was also one of seven Welsh companies to attend the famous Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The amount of diversity across different offshoots of the technology industry in Wales is highly promising. There are numerous companies working on world-changing innovations, and the number of jobs is going to increase because of this. There could, perhaps, be a greater focus on mainstream gaming moving forward, with the iGaming industry being a highly lucrative sector.