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The University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Wales Academy of Voice and Dramatic Arts students are looking forward to their performance of ‘Fugitive Songs’. 

Performed on the 22nd and 23rd of February at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff at 7:30pm,  Fugitive Songs is an American folk song-cycle, a collection of stories about people running away from things, be that physical or emotional. It explores the strength we find in sharing our experiences with each other.

Set in a road-side bar along the American highway, the audience will be in the bar itself. Sharing the space and hearing stories echoing around them, Fugitive Songs shows us what it means to share our victories and defeats together, to learn from them and to push forward into the next chapter of our lives.

Musical Director Matthew Holmquist has had the opportunity to direct the performances. He said:

“Directing this production has been really pleasing. I have worked with most of the cast before as undergrads and it’s been amazing to see their growth into and during this project. Putting on a song-cycle is a great creative challenge for the actors. They have to create fully-realised characters out of just one song. The students will undoubtedly  show their creativity and skill in this production but my hopes are for their practice moving forward. I’m excited for them to take their creative instincts around developing characters into each project after this.

“Rehearsals are going really well! We have an incredibly talented cast and creative team but also a really joyous group. We are having a lots of fun working out how we tell these stories in the most interesting ways. I’m really excited for audiences to be able to physically sit in this space we have created and experience this beautiful score all around them.”

Student Victoria Davis is looking forward to take part in this production. She said:

“I have loved working on this production with such a talented group of people. It has been an enjoyable, collaborative process and everyone’s unique individual voice has been present throughout its creation. What has been especially rewarding is being able to discover for ourselves our own character’s journey throughout the show and creating a backstory for our character.

“There is a wide range of ensemble numbers, solos, duets, trios and small groups, which have all helped to improve our abilities as musical theatre performers.  It has been especially exciting for some of us to have been given the chance to choreograph a few of the numbers ourselves.

“This production is a great opportunity for us to showcase the skills that we have been developing in our course and we are very much looking forward to performing it in front of an audience.”

Eilir Owen Griffiths, Director of the Welsh Academy of Voice and Dramatic Arts said:

“Its great to see our MA students developing and this project is drawing in all the skills modules that the students have been working on.”

For more information and to book tickets to the performance, please visit: Chapter | The Wales Academy of Voice and Dramatic Arts Students:…

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