The doors to your property are of special magnificence! Whether it’s a front door or one of the interior ones, each serves as an introduction to what your home has to offer. First impressions count in many walks of life, and that’s what the doors can achieve regarding your property!

While customising parts of your home is a largely subjective experience, there are things you can do here that objectively better your circumstances. It’s important to tinker with your home strategically as it can improve many things; from the cost of your property to your overall quality of life. Even your relationships with others can be influenced by your surroundings as well!

Are there some particular things you should consider when customising them? The answer is yes, and here’s why!


The Role They Play in Property Value

Your front door is a beast all of its own. If you’re looking to sell your property one day soon, then how you’ve utilised the front door can have a huge part to play in how things proceed.

Even the colour of your front door could add significant property value, depending on the hues you’ve chosen. Apparently, rustic greige (a combination of grey and beige), Spanish moss (green), and viva magenta (pink) can be heavy hitters in this regard. The freshness of the paint matters, too, so be sure to give your front door a new coat of paint every now and then.

Things may not be limited to your front door, though. If your interior doors are beaten up and worn out, that might affect things too. Not everybody wishes to purchase a home that requires a lot of work, so the more you can do to minimise that potential need with your doors, the better.

On a related note, the property markets aren’t in the best condition today, and selling a home isn’t as straightforward and stress-free as it used to be. Any strategy giving you an advantage in that arena isn’t to be scoffed at!


The Details You Can Add

Doors can be full of characters and interesting features. You can add many things to give it a more vibrant aesthetic.

You can find small and large door handles online with minimal fuss. You could also buy polished nickel or brass door handles, changing your front door’s style as you see fit. Hinges, locks, and door stops can all be bought in matching materials, too, potentially providing a more uniform presentation of your front doors and interior doors.

It’s worth noting that the materials you use should be selected with care. After all, there’s a general consensus around how to use door handles in certain situations. Owners of period properties can typically favour the brass material, for example, as it can be more in keeping with the aesthetic of the building. It’s not a hard-fast rule, but further research might show you that there’s validity to the claim!

You might not think about it a lot, but your doors can really inform the look and feel of your property. It can help establish consistency between rooms and reinforce any décor themes you’ve tried to promote. Try to think of these details through that lens!


The Appeal of Glass Doors

Many people go for steel and wooden doors depending on their needs. However, it’s worth touting the appeal of glass doors too, which can be preferable in certain circumstances.

Glass doors come with many benefits. They include:

  • Stained glass designs featuring interesting patterns and interesting uses of colour, giving you yet more customisation options.
  • Increasing the amount of natural light in a room can slash energy bills, boost moods, and create a brighter home ambience.
  • Create a feeling flow across the property as rooms can be peered into from afar.
  • Fewer maintenance requirements, and though the glass may need to be cleaned occasionally, it won’t lose colour or become worn over time, creating an endlessly modern look for your home.
  • Better suitability for the sliding glass door, as while other materials can be used for those purposes, it’s typically glass that’s light enough to move and creates a more seamless blend between the outside and inside.

Of course, perhaps not all of your interior doors should be glass doors. Still, it’s good to have variety, particularly where you can usher in more natural light and create more interesting design choices. If you do include them, utilise them strategically!


The Importance of Reinforcing Them

One might argue that the chief role of doors is to provide security. While many people might assume their own doors won’t be tampered with, there’s never a guarantee.

In February 2023, police in the Warrington area warned of a stupid craze that yobs were taking up; kicking older people’s front doors. There’s no rhyme or reason to such actions, yet they continue to take place. More serious criminal offences around things like breaking and entering can also occur, too. Having a front door that’s more resilient could help you feel safer.

There are a few things you can do here. There are door locks that are more difficult to tamper with. Certain types of hinges can be stronger than others, making it harder for the door to fly off them under force. A sturdy steel door may be more resistant than a wooden one, too, so if your customisation efforts begin with a total replacement, that might be the material you wish to move toward.

Strike plates can also be worthy of inclusion. The locking mechanisms on a door have latches that come out during their use, but the strike plate can be fitted to secure them more robustly. Electric versions are also available that enable intercom systems installation and keypad and keyfob access. All of these things can improve security!


Tensions with the Neighbours

In truth, your neighbour’s judgement should be the last thing on your mind when customising a front door. In fact, it might even be better if you didn’t think about it all!

Still, if you don’t like conflict and would rather anticipate neighbourly tension were it to come, then it might be worth considering this final point. There are people out there who decorate their doors in such ways that can split the opinion of those living nearby, but they rightly carry on and happily see their plans through anyway. It might be tough, but you should endeavour to do the same.

If someone doesn’t like how you’ve customised your door, their disapproval can play out in a few different ways. They’re probably more likely to discretely deposit a note through your door or send a text message rather than confront you openly on the street or at your door. Keep a record of any correspondence you receive to have your ‘receipts’ if things escalate – it’s always good to be prepared!

Otherwise, resolving these things peacefully and calmly or ignoring the neighbour entirely is for the best. So long as you haven’t customised your door in a blatantly vulgar and offensive way, you reserve the right to do as you wish!



If you’re going to have something on your property, you may as well make the most of it! Customising your doors can be a thrilling experience, with some really profound benefits resulting from your design decisions. You could save money, boost security, or even simply express your inner creativity to your heart’s content. Try to enjoy everything that’s on offer here!