Casinos are filled with lots of outstanding and incredible games that are worth the time spent playing them. There are a lot of games in the casino, but the most popular and well played of all the games you will find in casinos are real money pokies Australia. In any casino library, slot games have the widest number. They all come in different themed slots and can be chosen to play for free or real cash according to the player’s preference. One of the slot games that players get fascinated by and love to spin is the magic slots.

Magic-themed slots are such that they are very broad, but they have a few things in common. For fans of magical stuff, there are diverse slots based on this theme, which can be played on like wizards, magicians, witches, fairies, sorceresses, and many more characters in the slot games. These online slots come in different styles and forms, such as the dark and mysterious magic slots, colourful games with cartoon visuals and many more. There is a list of online magic slots that players can choose to play in any casino.


Five Online Magic Slots

The magic-themed slot is one of the themed slots topping the list of slot games in the casino. In one way or the other, magic has impacted everyone, from comics to movies. As this themed slot is very broad, many game developers have created different slots with an element of magic, which will take players to a magical world where they will meet lots of characters. These magic theme slots can be different regarding graphics, free spins, bonuses, paylines, and several other features.

  1. Mighty Arthur
  2. Book of Merlin
  3. Magic Portals
  4. Mighty Black Knight
  5. Witch Pickings


Mighty Arthur

This slot is one of the top magic slots you will find in any online casino. It is a quick spin slot that centres around the mega-popular story of the mighty King Arthur, Merlin the magician, the Excalibur sword, and other characters, which you will find in various books and films that talk about this story. The slot comes along with five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines. You can play this slot with as low as 20 cents and a max of $20. This magic-themed slot has a nice payout rate of 96.90%.


Book of Merlin

This is another magical theme that can be spun on the slot. It is a slot game that features the master of magic and mentor of heroes. With this character, a player can conjure up winning symbols. The game comes along with five reels and ten paylines. With the high symbol category of the game, players can have the benefit of two-symbol pays. Each of the symbols pays 750x or more for three or more of the game. For example, with the top paying symbol, you can get 5000x on the payline bet, and the winning bet, the scatter, pays 2000x.


Magic Portals

This is another great magic slot that will get you thrilled. In this slot, you shall be taken to a world filled with magic and mysticism. On launching the slot, you will be welcomed by wizards, dragons, and magic portals. Magic portals is a game from one of the well-known software providers in the gaming industry, NetEnt. It comes along five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines. There are bonuses that players can take advantage of in this slot, like Magic portals and Galleons gold bonus game. With these bonuses, players can have more wins and earn more on the money used in wagering in the slot. You can spin reels for as little as $0.25 and a max of $250 and win a jackpot of no more than 500x your wager amount. The slot has a nice payout rate of 96.6%.


Mighty Black Knight

Looking for a slot game to have a feel of the magical world with different characters, this is a magic slot game to give a try. This slot has fantastic bonus features that will help you to enjoy the gameplay. It has a mighty reels bonus and free spins. With a minimum of three scatters on the reels, you will be entitled to trigger-free spins. For the three scatters, you will earn eight free spins, and if you can hit five symbols, you have the opportunity to play 20 free spins. Mighty Black Knight has a pretty nice and high return rate of 98.0%.


Witch Pickings

When the thought of magic slots comes to mind, those things that will strike the mind are witches, spells, cauldron, among other things. All these features are what you will find in the Witch Pickings slot. It is a colourful witch spell slot that the NextGen software provider developed. It is a slot that has five reels and 25 paylines. The symbols on the slot are crystal balls, palace, cauldron, potion, black cat medallion, and playing cards. The scatter cards in the slot are the witches that can give extra prizes. 

The game gives a 10x multiplier, and 5x free spins with more than three scatter in the free spins bonus. The minimum bet you can have per spin in the game is $0.40 and a maximum of $80. The return rate of the game is 95.93%, and with this, you can have a max win of 25x the stake spin.


How to Play Online Magic Slots

For magicians to successfully execute a spell, they must follow the due procedures. So also for anyone who wants to play the magic-themed slot. To play the magic slot, choose your favourite to play, which has a bonus, and sign up as a new member after you log in and choose the magic-themed slot to play, place your bet, and spin on the reel. Hopefully, you can hit a big spin that will give you a big win.



By playing magic slots, you can win real money as they have great winning potentials. The slots have stunning graphics of high quality and designs that will give an awesome experience playing the magic slot. Most of the magic slots are from a well-known software provider that produces good online games.

Ready to join the magical world and embark on the journey to spin on online magic slots, there are hundreds to choose from in a reputable online casino. First, however, we’ve made a top list of the magic slots you can try out.