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Top Seven New City-Changing Developments in Bristol

Bristol has long been a key city for those living in Wales. It’s just across the border, and with train, coach, and road connections, it’s an easy destination for those who work, go to school, or want to visit.

Bristol is currently the UK’s third largest economic hub and is becoming an epicentre for sustainability and the creative sectors. Thanks to these factors, it’s enjoying massive new redevelopment projects that are set to change the city entirely – and for the better.

Bristol certainly has plenty of eyesores. It’s up to talented architects and top construction agencies like Mobius Construct in Bristol to replace or reimagine them for a brighter, more beautiful future. With more developments like these top five new projects coming Bristol’s way, the city will truly transform into an internationally renowned destination for workers, students, and visitors alike.


1.   St Mary Le Port

One of the largest new developments is the redevelopment of the city centre where three 1960s office blocks are to be torn down (often considered some of the ugliest buildings in Bristol) for a new development of several 9-story tower blocks. This site, which will be known as St. Mary Le Port. The project has already been given the green light. The overall design may change, as there is some backlash about the size and scale of the buildings and their potential to overshadow the Grade II listed church in the area. Overall, however, redevelopment of this area, particularly one that works to resurrect the ancient street of St Mary, is welcome.


2.   Soapworks

Soapworks is one of the more exciting developments in this list, as it is set to transform the derelict area into a new public square. New urban gardens will be included, and the redevelopment will restore the Grade II-listed former soap factory. The area will be mixed-use, meaning it will offer living, working, and shopping opportunities.


3.   Dove Lane

A large empty plot next to the M32 near St Paul’s has a big new vision. This vision would see up to 350 new homes being built, with 20% of them being classed as “affordable”. These homes would range from one to four bedrooms and come with various amenities for new families.


4.   Old Brewery

This project will see up to 100 new affordable flats available through the shared ownership scheme at the Old Brewery. This project can be found at Ashton Gate’s North Street. Not only are there properties available through the shared ownership scheme, but there are also up to 40 set aside for the affordable rent scheme.

5.   Redcatch Quarter

This proposed project would demolish South Bristol’s largest shopping centre. In its place would be up to 880 flats, new shopping streets, and even a two-screen cinema. The goal is to upgrade the area more in line with the rest of Wapping Wharf and breathe new life into the area by offering more pedestrianized streets full of shops, restaurants, and bars.


6.   Bristol Arena

This development has been in the works for almost 20 years. With so many years of uncertainty, there’s finally good news as YTL. A Malaysian investment firm has provided the backing necessary to bring the project to life. This occurred back in 2020, and since then, work has commenced. Once completed, the arena will have space for 17,080 people. It will be the UK’s fourth-largest arena and the destination for a host of live shows.


7.   The Brabazon Development

Another project backed by YTL is the Brabazon Development. This development will add thousands of new homes to South West Bristol, with properties built around the new stadium. Currently, the first phase is estimated to add over 3,600 new homes to the area, with the completed project estimated to add up to 6,500 properties.

Naturally, due to the sheer number of housing opportunities, this project is also set to add transportation infrastructure. New residents can expect a train to Parkway and Temple Meads. The area will also be home to many business opportunities, including schools, a library, offices, and shops. In total, the estimated number of new jobs the area will create between the residential area and the arena is around 30,000.

Many exciting projects are coming to Bristol, with many of them working to ease the housing crisis, revamping old and outdated areas, or breathing new life into historical and listed properties. Add the fact that there are no more tolls for those who take the Severn Crossings, and there are more opportunities for those who work or visit Bristol.

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