Welsh residents told travel abroad is for ‘essential purposes’ only – money.co.uk share advice for those planning foreign holidays

Following the announcement this morning from Welsh ministers that people living in Wales should only travel abroad from May 17 if it’s absolutely necessary, James Andrews, senior personal finance editor at money.co.uk, offers the following tips for any Welsh residents unsure on what this means for any planned holidays or trips within the next month:

“This morning’s announcement will no doubt come as a very unwelcome surprise for Welsh residents who planned to take advantage of the travel restrictions being lifted, and enjoy a break in one of the countries outlined as green in the traffic light system.

“Travellers’ safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance, but financially the first port of call for Welsh residents with travel plans is to contact their chosen travel providers and airlines regarding and ask about refunds or if they can reschedule trips for later on in the year.

“At present, the advice given to Welsh residents regarding foreign travel is only set to last for three weeks, meaning people could be able to start enjoying overseas trips once again by the end of June.

“For those planning to do so, below are some tips on stretching out summer spending budgets:

  • Don’t exchange your money last minute at the airport, the rates are generally much less favourable than online or high-street alternatives, so preparation is key.

  •  For the best rates on holidays abroad this summer, take out a travel money card now. It doesn’t fully replace having currency in hand when you land, but once there you can use these at no cost for spending or withdrawing from a cash machine.
  • If you find yourself acting on impulse, booking a cheap last-minute break and needing to collect your euros upon your departure date, try to order them for collection in advance of your travel dates then pick up in person to take advantage of the best possible r

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