A Denbighshire secondary school has matched a year number with trees to tackle climate change.

Prestatyn High School has dug deep to improve biodiversity across the school grounds.

The school with the help of Denbighshire County Council’s Countryside and Climate Change teams have planted the same number of hedgerow trees on their site as the size of the current Year 7 of approximately 250 pupils.

Alongside this number, pupils and Council staff will have added altogether nearly 1,000 trees to the North of the school field to support better biodiversity for local nature.

The Council is also working alongside other schools to enhance their grounds to improve biodiversity while protecting recreational space. A total of approximately 7,500 trees will be planted at schools which will also increase carbon absorption.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This is a great idea by the school to match their Year 7 group with trees for the outdoor area. Our work is geared towards supporting our future generations by tackling climate change here and now and I am pleased to see this initiative take place at Prestatyn High School.”