A law firm has won what is thought to be the UK’s first contested case against installers of faulty cavity wall insulation.

The judge in the case, heard at Cardiff County Court, awarded damages of over £6,000, plus interest.

Liverpool-based Pilkington Shaw successfully argued that the claimant’s property was not suitable to receive insulation and that it should never have been installed.

Cavity wall insulation is seen as a cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency, reducing heating bills and carbon emissions, however, it is not suitable for all houses.

Incorrectly installed insulation could give rise to problems ranging from damp and condensation, through to serious structural damage or even health risks to those living within the property.

Mike Pilkington, director of Pilkington Shaw, said:

“Our first contested case has been fought successfully and we now look to move on and win across a raft of other similar lawsuits.

“We believe thousands of unfortunate householders across the UK have wrongly had cavity wall insulation fitted, with the potential damage caused getting progressively worse until it is extracted, a process which may cost thousands of pounds.”

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