Denbighshire County Council is supporting a Warm Welcome for residents this Winter.  Across the county warm hubs are being set up as safe places for people to go to keep warm within their local community.

The 2025 Movement has brought partners together from across North Wales through the Croeso Cynnes/Warm Welcome initiative to deliver this project.  Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC) is distributing Welsh Government funding to charities and community groups in Denbighshire to help coordinate and deliver the activities in support of this project.

The venues are intended as locations in the local community where people can find a safe, warm and welcoming environment during the day.  There will be a variety of offers, depending on the needs of visitors, from a simple offer of refreshments and somewhere to relax, through to hot meals, advice and information on energy saving and keeping warm; digital inclusion offers and social activities.  A Warm Welcome web page which people can access here has been set up to signpost Denbighshire residents to their nearest warm welcome venues.

Cllr Jason McLellan, Leader and Lead Member for Economic Growth and Tackling Deprivation said: “As we face the pressures of the current cost of living impact and increased energy costs, this is an important initiative that will help those who are struggling to have the ability to keep warm and safe during the winter months.”

“As partners in 2025 we all feel very strongly about supporting people through the cost-of-living crisis – Croeso Cynnes is about using the resources that we have in our buildings and community centres and opening up spaces that are safe, warm and welcoming to residents.”

“I would encourage anyone in the county who is facing pressures from rising costs to check out the available hubs near them in their community. As well as keeping warm, they will provide valuable welfare support and the chance to socialise with other people in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.”

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Chief Officer, Tom Barham, said: “It is a very difficult climate out there for many residents due to the Cost of Living crisis. Charities and community groups as well as libraries, churches and others are really working hard to support those in need over the winter months and this initiative we are helping to coordinate will make a difference for those struggling to heat their homes.

“The locations and information regarding the warm hubs can be found simply by clicking on the web link and if you are facing hardship, please don’t hesitate to take a look at where you could go for the day to keep warm and safe.”

To find out the location of the warm hubs and what they offer please visit the Warm Welcome webpage at –