Watkins & Gunn founding key partner in “ground breaking” veteran owned business portal

Welsh law firm Watkins & Gunn has become a founding partner in an online portal designed so that the public can specifically find veteran owned businesses.

Veteran Owned UK is the largest UK Online Business Directory for veterans founded by Scott Johnson, a former Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal Engineer, after seeing many similar directories online in the USA.

It was created to support veterans owning businesses by providing the public with a user-friendly directorate to locate businesses supplying products and services specific to the customers’ needs, and now boasts over 950 members.

The portal is designed to provide veteran owned business with greater exposure to the public and to build closer working relationships within the veteran owned business community.

Watkins & Gunn which has offices in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypool were “eager” to support veteran owned businesses in the UK and to partner with the first directory in the country.

The law firm already support veterans by offering a service to help ex-armed forces personnel claim compensation for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus and felt they could build on this and do more to help by becoming partners in this new venture. Through the directory they are also offering discounted rates for their legal services to ex-servicemen and women.

By using the new portal, veterans can enter the directory free of charge but the portal also offers paid membership for a more “bespoke” service where businesses can add additional features to their listings.

Sir Mike Penning M.P, an official supporter of the venture says:

“Veteran Owned UK are breaking new ground by supporting veteran owned businesses through their online directory.

“They saw the UK needed a means of easily finding veteran owned businesses and created a website to solve that issue.”

No portal of this nature existed in the UK before Veteran Owned UK, despite the concept being popular in the US.

Mr Johnson of Veteran Owned UK said:

“When we started this website, one veteran told us that he loved the idea as he didn’t want to be treated as a victim or to be seen as “broken” because he was a veteran.

“There are lots of charities doing amazing work for veterans who need support.”

“What we at Veteran Owned UK want to do is encourage those working to make their own mark in the business world and boost to their chosen markets.

“Ex-military are often driven, focused and adaptable.

“Many use these skills in “civvy street” to become great employees, some decide to start their own business, and these are the people we want to support.”

Clive Thomas, Managing Partner of Watkins & Gunn, said

“At Watkins & Gunn we are keen to support ex-military personnel.

“When we met Scott Johnson and he explained the concept of Veteran Owned UK, we saw an opportunity to support veterans in a new and innovative way, so felt we had to get involved.

“There is a huge gap in the market for veteran businesses to advertise themselves. By using the businesses showcased in Veteran Owned UK Directory, you can directly support veterans, whilst utilising a service or purchasing a product that you need.”

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