Five Things You Should Stock Up On During Self-Isolation

Young woman sitting inside her home, close to the window looking out and holding a hand written sign "STAY HOME". She is practicing social distancing due to pandemic of COVID-19 and stay at home order.

From eating and exercising to transportation and spending habits, there is no doubt that COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives dramatically. Many people across the world panic-hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitisers as they prepare for weeks of self-isolation. Others invest in various goods like hair clippers and bread machines to keep their day-to-day routine going. 

While health organisations advise having a 30-day supply of food, medications, vitamins, toiletries, pet goods and other essentials, there are also some products that can make your lockdown less painful. Here are five things you should consider to have at home while self-isolating. 


Bring Your Favourite Foods & Snacks To Have A Special Treat Once A Week

Sure, it is essential to stock up on fruits, vegetables, canned goods and some frozen options and keep eating balanced meals and maintain a healthy diet. But just because you are on self-quarantine doesn’t mean you have to live without your favourite foods. Not to mention, that 30 days is a long time without sugar and fat. 

Make sure to pick up those cookies, a pint of an ice-cream, chips or other snacks you love. They are a great idea bit in moderation. Also, consider stocking up on your favourite beers, wines and spirits so you can throw a Zoom party and maintain your Friday night festivities even if you are self-quarantining. Of course, in case you are not suffering from any symptoms and keep your alcohol intake in moderation.


Stuff To Cope With Flu

Even if you practice self-quarantine, you can get sick and get a cold or flu. Therefore, it is best to have different items on hand to help soothe your symptoms, such as medications, vitamins, supplements, soft tissues, as well as home remedies like herbal teas, honey and lemons. 


CBD Oil To Keep Your Stress Levels In Check

As many people are struggling with high levels of stress and anxiety and even depression these days, this natural supplement can also come in handy while you are staying indoors. Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a chemical and generally safe compound that after intake is able to interact with receptors of the endocannabinoid system found throughout the body. 

Since the endocannabinoid system is involved in the most processes occurring in an organism, the intake of CBD oil for anxiety might help to diminish anxiety and stress, calm mind, reduce tension and even promote more restful sleep. What’s more, CBD products can help to relieve chronic aches, boost your immune system, energy and concentration – all of which might be beneficial during the lockdown.


Things To Beat Boredom

If you are going to spend several weeks locked up at home, you will need something other than your phone to keep yourself mentally engaged and entertained. 

Consider downloading some video games or purchasing board games and supplies for creative home projects, especially if you have children. Also, it might be a great idea to get Amazon and Netflix subscriptions. Remember how you always wanted to start watching that movie or TV-show but have always been busy? Well, now is a perfect time.

Additionally, you can try an online course or find a new hobby. Knitting, soap making, learning a new instrument or language, cross-stitch are some of the best examples.


Fitness Equipment To Maintain Physical Activity

To prevent all the eaten sweets from negatively affecting your figure, as well as to maintain your physical and mental health, you should continue to prioritise regular physical activity. And while nowadays all gyms and fitness studios are closed, and home workouts have had to become the ‘new normal’, it might be a great idea to stock up on some fitness equipment to add in your daily workout. 

Make sure to invest in a set of dumbbells, skipping rope, resistance bands, exercise ball, yoga mat or even spinning bike as well as the best fitness app, so you can easily work out from your living room and stay fit and healthy. 

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