Upon meeting someone new, it is often from their smile that the person can tell how confident you are. Yellow teeth can really be embarrassing. You always feel like other people are staring at your teeth, and you are very afraid to wear white shirts because of the contrast that it can bring to your teeth. It is time to smile hard and wide, buddy.

What is it?

Laser teeth whitening is one the most common and one of the fastest whitening methods. It can be considered instant because it only requires one visit to the laser clinic. However, it is rather costly. It can range anywhere from $500-1000+. Of course, it is not permanent. Your teeth do not become immune to teeth staining after laser teeth whitening. This method is very ideal if the reason for your stained teeth is ageing.

How does it Work

The laser whitening surgeon will put peroxide gel onto the custom-fit tray for your teeth. The tray is then fitted perfectly onto your teeth. The light and heat emitted from the laser will come in contact with the gel, causing them to react and seep deep into your dentin and enamel for a thorough whitening treatment. The procedure can be done in 1 hour, and after that you will have teeth that are up to 10 shades whiter! Like any other whitening products, you are able to repeat the process until you get to the satisfying result.


Getting a laser whitening procedure takes merely one hour. ONE HOUR! It is basically instantaneous! For those of you that have sensitive teeth, or those that are prone to pain, this procedure is absolutely painless. Since a lot of people now all want to have a celebrity smile, it is so easy to find a place for the process. The prices are dropping by the day because of how easy and quick this treatment can be done.

The prices may not be as high as you imagined. There are places that are able to do it for under $1000 dollars. Search around in your area for the best price. Remember, finding a good, experienced oral cosmetic surgeon is also extremely important!

Side Effects

There may be some side effects such as gum irritation or teeth sensitivity after a few days of treatment. This is completely normal because your teeth and gums are contacted by foreign substances.


This teeth whitening process may not be offered at every dental office, but if you really want to get a professional treatment than The Smile Bar Manila is the right solution. It’s recommended to visit dental care clinic to leave an impression of your teeth before getting into the treatment.

This allows the practitioner to make a custom-fitted tray for your teeth when you go in for the treatment. Remember not to eat anything for an hour before you do your impression and the teeth whitening treatment if you are claustrophobic or are prone to gagging.

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