Welsh Agency, S3 Advertising, Unveils New Brand Identity: Where the Little Bite Big

It’s a new look, but same ambitious spirit and down-to-earth culture for S3, as the agency looks to hold onto what it’s known for.

Welsh independent ad agency, S3 Advertising, has today unveiled its new brand identity: Where the Little Bite Big.

The agency, headquartered in Cardiff, has coined the line and look to affirm their belief that the seemingly ‘little’ have the power to overachieve.
Whether that’s the ‘little’ not-quite-the-market-leader (yet) brand, the little fledgling team member who just needs someone to believe in them, or the relatively ‘little’ independent regional ad agencies working across the advertising industry. The evolved brand philosophy can be found across the agency’s website and materials, and in a new agency video.

Managing Partner, Mike Webb, explains: “Where the Little Bite Big’ is our way of celebrating those plucky people with ambition to bite big in this world.

“S3 has always leant on its raucous personality and ‘Be Bold’ proposition. But over the years this bold identity has grown to mean something more; the ability to take bold steps no matter who you are.

“In a world where all too often only the big are seen, we’re on a mission to help those with untapped potential become the overachievers they deserve to be!”

S3 Advertising is matching its new philosophy with a focused business mission: to do work that truly bites big for clients that hold a desire to take on the big guys in their markets. The clients who may not be the market leader (yet) but believe in the power of advertising to change a business.

Mike continues, “The marketers and business leaders of these brands we’re out to work with might be feeling like they’re not where their skill, passion and tenacity should be getting them. They may be feeling like they’re not getting the full attention of their existing agency, especially if they’re a ‘little fish’ in a large agency pond.

“That’s where S3 comes in.

“As an indy, regional ad agency made up of 35 talented people, outside of the AdLand bubble, we feel we know a thing or two about biting big. We’re genuine folk and are proudly headquartered in Wales.

“We want to celebrate all those, like us, giving the established names a run for their money – especially in a moment when bricks-and-mortar location matters less than ever.”

The new S3 Advertising brand logo shows a cat and a lion, interlocked – representing how, when it comes down to it, there’s not much separating the little and the big of this world.

It is the culmination of months of collaboration. Everyone in the agency fed into its creation – S3’s specialists were able to put their skills in copywriting, design, animation, CGI, brand strategy and more into their own agency’s work. A project close to the heart.

Managing Partner, Rebecca Campbell, says: “Working together with the team has been really special. As advertising people, we believe deeply in the power of a good brand to build a business. So, it’s so important that we invest in our own.

“Expect to see brand campaigns from us throughout the year, too, as we cement our ‘Where the Little Bite Big’ proposition to businesses looking for their next agency.

“We’re excited for a future of biting big.”

The new brand identity is another recent milestone for S3, which was named ‘Employer of the Year’ at the 2020 Cardiff Business Awards and recently received ‘Ones To Watch’ status by Best Companies.

The agency kicked off 2021 with a raft of new business wins that included welcoming clients like Crumlin-based furniture brand, SofaSofa onto the books full-time and expanding its service offering to other Welsh clients like jewellery brand, Clogau, who have now placed the management of their organic social media channels in the agency’s hands.