Welsh Government hopes to strengthen links between Canada and Wales in 2022

When you think of Wales’s overseas trade, Canada may not be one of the first destinations that spring to mind – but maybe it should. Here, the owners of the Canadian website https://casinorewier.com/ explore little known facts about the links between Wales and Canada and how they are set to become even stronger during 2022 as the two countries plan a year of collaboration to increase mutual investment and exports. 

Canada is an incredible country with more links to Wales than you realize. Here are five things you may not know about the links between Wales and Canada:


  1. Tweets by Minister’s dub 2022 ‘Year of Wales in Canada’

In a series of tweets, both First Minister Mark Drakeford and The High Commission for Canada have declared their intentions to work closely together this year, with High Commission to the UK Ralph Goodale terming it ‘the Year of Wales in Canada’. There are a number of initiatives being planned for 2022 which could herald new export opportunities for Wales – creating even closer ties with our Atlantic cousins 2022.


  1. Collaboration extends to the Arts – and the Royals!

Already, we have seen a new initiative announced at the end of December 2021, which declared intentions to explore and boost arts links between the two countries. Relations between the two nations have been mutually warm of late, and just yesterday, the itinerary was announced for a new Royal Tour of Canada to be undertaken by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall later this year.


  1. 450,000 Canadians are proud to say, “I’m Welsh!”

Even outside the formalities of this year, 450,000 Canadians already claim Welsh heritage, and it is estimated there are around 3,500 Welsh speakers there. They’ll certainly know more about the best online casinos in Canada than we do here in Wales, but they are rightly proud of their Welsh heritage.

  1. Wales provides 15% of the UK’s Iron and Steel Exports to the region

Wales exports £10 million of iron and steel to Canada each year, which represents 15% of the UK total, as well as £12 million of non-ferrous metals and £5 million of cereal products. As trading partners go, that makes Canada pretty valuable.


  1. Canadian Retailers Already Sell Welsh Lamb 

If there’s one thing that Wales does better than anywhere else in the World, it’s raising Lamb. Our pastures and salt marshes are known for producing a flavor that is unique to the region. So much so, in fact, that Welsh lamb, long prized for its superior flavor, has proved so popular with Canadian consumers that a major retail chain in Canada now sells Welsh Lamb in over 300 of its stores, and the chain is working closely with Meat Promotion Wales (Hybu Cig Cymru) to explore further opportunities.


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Welsh residents may not be able to visit Canada in person, but thanks to these new plans for 2022, hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll know a lot more about our Canadian cousins – and hopefully, they’ll be enjoying more of our world-class produce.