A North Wales military college is to go on manoeuvres – to a new location within an army barracks.

The Wrexham Military Preparation College – one of 35 across England and Wales – is to move from its existing site, at Wrexham Technology Park, to the town’s Hightown Barracks.

And the move will not only provide a superior teaching and learning environment but also a greater emphasis on military training.

Military Preparation Colleges provide a range of academic, functional and health and fitness courses along with training in physical fitness, public speaking and communication.

They are unique in that all their instructors are ex-British Armed Forces personnel, who use their military backgrounds to help learners set and reach the targets that will progress them to their chosen careers.

Although the Barracks is only two miles from Wrexham MPC’s present location, it is steeped in a military history.

Currently used by 3rd Battalion, Royal Welsh and Wales Universities Officer Training Corps, it will provide a relevant and inspirational backdrop for the 16-19-year-olds who sign up to MPC’s free courses.

It is also easily accessible for students, with the nearest railway station just 1.5 miles away.

Dan Shooter, Director of Business Development, said: “The move will be of enormous benefit, not only to our current cohort of learners but to the many more expected to follow in their footprints.

“Although not all our learners go on to military careers, many do, so to be able to educate the learners in a setting such as this will, we hope, inspire them and showcase the vast range of career opportunities offered by our armed forces.”

Since their formation in 1999, MPCs across England Wales have prepared almost 5000 young people for a military career and helped at least a further 22,000 into other areas of employment and training.

To find out more about Military Preparation Colleges, prospective learners and parents and guardians can visit www.mpct.co.uk  or call 0330 111 3939.