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What Are SpaceX and Elon Musk Planning for 2023?

One of the biggest visionaries on the planet Earth is certainly not going to stop in 2023. Elon Musk, a genius determined to take the human race to planet Mars is working hard to fulfill his promise to mankind. The businessman’s busy schedule is now impacted by his purchase and reorganization of Twitter, besides already running SpaceX, Starlink, Tesla, SolarCity, The Boring Company, and Neuralink. But that doesn’t mean that his primary mission of conquering space and colonizing another planet in our solar system is put to a halt.

SpaceX Mission and Vision

Elon Musk went against all odds when he declared that he is going to create a company like SpaceX. If you are looking for great odds, visit The most cutting-edge rockets and spacecraft in the world are created, produced, and launched by SpaceX. Elon Musk established the business in 2002 with the intention of revolutionizing space travel and ultimately bringing about interplanetary life. Since then he has taken over the industry and is setting the bar ever so high, as the company breaks its records every year.

SpaceX Launches Break Records Every Year

If we look at the year 2021 we will see that the company successfully launched its rockets 31 times. At the start of 2022, Musk boldly stated that they will aim to launch every week on average, making it 52 for that year. That staggering number was achieved and surpassed to the shock of everyone who dared to comment on Elon’s predictions. In 2022 SpaceX rockets achieved orbit 61 times! And now, encouraged by the last year’s huge success, the company CEO is looking to push the barrier even further. For the current year, they plan an overwhelming 100 orbital flights.

SpaceX Rocket Falcon 9

When Musk isn’t promoting the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, he is developing state-of-the-art rockets to explain to everyone that the sky is not the limit. The company’s huge success is due to the breakthrough invention of a spacecraft they use, Falcon 9. It is a reusable, two-stage spacecraft that can carry passengers and cargo reliably and safely into Earth orbit or even further than that. It is the first reusable rocket of the orbital class in the world. Reusability enables SpaceX to relaunch the rocket’s most expensive components, lowering the price of orbital travel.

The Main Job of the Falcon 9 in SpaceX Missions

Before this, it was perfectly normal to waste a spacecraft for the landing. Musk put a stop to that with his invention. He saw it as both wasteful and lazy. To this date, as per SpaceX’s official stats, Falcon carried out 207 total launches, 165 total landings, and 142 total re-flights. Those are amazing numbers and just imagine how much money was saved. Its main job is to deliver payloads to outer space. The payloads can be satellites, cargo, or crew for Dragon spacecraft. What is that, you ask?

Dragon and Crew Dragon Spacecraft

The company’s spaceship, Crew Dragon, which is intended to transport astronauts into space, successfully performed its first test voyage to the ISS in March 2019. Previous to that, it made history in 2012 when it reached the ISS as a private spacecraft for the first time. Since then, under contractual arrangements with NASA, Dragon has kept delivering cargo to the ISS. The Crew Dragon spacecraft was last used by SpaceX to officially launch NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2020, becoming the very first private aerospace enterprise to deploy a manned spacecraft into orbit.


At the time being we are witnessing the expansion of SpaceX. The CEO Elon Musk is boldly announcing the new number of orbit travels for their spacecraft. Everyone is excited to see if he will succeed in his intentions, as further plans are to unfold after the success of Falcon 9.

There are plans for some sort of private tours around the moon, with the announcement of the “dearMoon” project. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa bought all the tickets for the first trip that is planned this year, and he is taking 8 lucky people with him. We can all be excited about the future SpaceX is bringing to our civilization.

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