What are the main tools required by an electrician?

Electricians are always in demand, but there’s no way they’d be able to complete their daily responsibilities without the correct tools. The right tools make the job safer, which is why all electricians – from apprentices to managers – must ensure their toolbox is filled with only the best equipment.

We’ve compiled a list of the main tools required for an electrician to guarantee they complete their jobs to the best of their ability.

Approved voltage indicator

A must-have for any electrician is an approved voltage indicator. This tool has the potential to save an electrician’s life. They are used to detect the presence or absence of electricity in sockets, switches and circuit breakers.

Work should only commence when you are certain that there is no power left on. This is the first tool of any job, so make sure one finds its way into your toolbox.

Insulated screwdriver

An electrician will need a screwdriver on a daily basis, but not all screws are the same. You’ll want to make sure your toolbox has a range of different sized heads so you can tackle any screw.

With 142 workers killed in workplace incidents in 2020/21, we also recommend obtaining insulated screwdrivers to protect yourself from the dangerous electrical currents you will be working with.

Wire strippers 

Used for stripping insulation from a cable without damaging the wire inside, wire strippers are a necessity for electricians. They can be used for both minor repairs and entire rewiring jobs, so it’s always good to have one to hand.

Electrical wall chaser 

An essential tool used for cutting grooves into walls so that cables can be installed. This used to be done using a hammer and chisel, so using this device will save you a lot of time on both the cutting and the cleaning up, with the built-in hoover assistance able to collect any rubble as it falls.

Electrician’s insurance

With the right tools, you’ll be ready to take on any job that comes your way, but it is vital to make sure you are covered for any problems that may arise by getting the right electrician’s insurance before starting work.

While we recommend first and foremost knowing how to prevent your tools from getting stolen, you can also insure your tools in case you fall victim to a thief.