We’ve all done it. You come across a great online shopping deal. You quickly think of claiming it but then you pause to think: could this be a scam? That’s because we all care about online security and want to use the Internet safely.

In the online casino space, checking security features can be confusing for new players. But don’t sweat about it. This article goes through all the marks you should check to confirm whether an online casino is secure or not.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

A License from the UKGC

In the UK, all online casinos must acquire a license from the Gambling Commission. It doesn’t matter if they are already licensed elsewhere: Malta, Sweden or Curacao. For an operator to be considered legitimate, they must be licensed by the UKGC.

Fortunately, there are 200+ online casinos with UKGC license to choose from. Of course, you want to select the best website. So, pick carefully by comparing several companies or looking for the specific features you want.

Why is a license from the UKGC so important? Not only does it verify that a website is genuine; it’s also a sign of a secured casino. You see, the Gambling Commission has commendably high-security standards and only licenses companies that meet these standards.

Website Security Tools

If you choose a UKGC casino, there’s a chance it will feature these security tools:

  • SSL encryption
  • PCI compliance
  • Data collection acceptance form
  • Account authentication features

All the same, the tools mentioned above are essential indicators of website security. SSL encryption shows that a site encrypts data as it travels between your desktop or iPhone and the casino and back.

In contrast, PCI compliance shows a casino works with safe debit card payment providers: Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. Additionally, a data collection form tells you the site doesn’t collect your information without your consent.

Lastly, account authentication helps protect your accounts against unauthorized people. You could use your email address and a unique password. Or you could authenticate through a phone SMS code.

Approval by Independent Casino Auditors

Independent auditors provide assurance that an online casino is secure by auditing all important aspects. They check its security tools. And they audit games to confirm they are fair.

Additionally, they verify payment records to explore how fast an operator pays out to winners. And crucially, how they handle disputes from discontented players. With that in mind, not every gaming website has a label of approval from well-known casino auditors:

  • eCOGRA
  • Thwate
  • iTechLabs
  • GLI
  • TST
  • SQS
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers


That doesn’t mean these compares are unsafe. Instead, look at it this way. Online casinos with a mark of approval from auditors are more likely to be safe than those without.

High Scores on Review Websites

Let’s cut the chase. No one does anything meaningful online anymore without looking at the reviews. And obviously, you want to shop or use the best-rated services. Online casino gaming is no different.

You want to play slots and poker at the best-rated websites. And that’s cause reviews show they are secure, safe and generally worth your time and money. That said, there are two types of online casino reviews.

First, there are reviews from the experts. Click here to learn more: a list of top-rated casinos sited compiled by experts. The benefit is that you get an extensive number of websites to compare before you choose the right one.

Then there are reviews by players. Your friend might have played at RIZK casino. So, you ask him about his experience with the operator. Alternatively, you can read the reviews of dozens of players online and make a decision based on their opinions.

Regardless, you’ll want to stick to top-rated casinos because, well, reviews don’t lie. Or do they? Sometimes people exaggerate positive experiences or criticize negative adventures so much. As such, don’t look for perfect ratings.

Respected Games and Software Providers

This is no brainer. Safe online casinos work with secure software providers and offer fair games. The reason is simple. Valid businesses believe in doing things the right way. And to beat the competition, they do things in the best possible way.

In other words, the best online casinos provide games from the most reliable software providers. For clarity, software providers are the companies responsible for the slots, blackjack and poker games you play online.

Isle of Man-based Playtech is the most dominant online software provider. It provides games to hundreds of online casinos. Next up, Microgaming—also from the Isle of Man—supplies the most slot machines. Its biggest competitor is Stockholm-based NetEnt.

When it comes t table games, the competition lies between Latvia’s Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Interestingly, the Latvian company is in the process of acquiring the Swedish company.

Trusted Payment Providers

Games aside, part of the online casino experience involves depositing and withdrawing money. And guess what? You want the process to be as smooth as possible. But how can you be assured of it?

For starters, look at the supported payment methods. If PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Paysafe and other renowned providers make it to the list, it’s a safe company. If, there’s only one option—say Bitcoin—exercise more caution.

Sure, cryptocurrency payments can be safe. But they don’t provide chargebacks or resolve disputes.

Customer Service

You probably know this but it’s hard to find professional customer service these days. Not many companies take this aspect of their businesses seriously. So, when you find an online casino with high scores for customer assistance, create an account ASAP!

Normally, online casinos provide customer service through several platforms. Some of them have a webpage where you can check answers to frequently asked questions. Others use social media for support.

But generally speaking, professional operators offer 24/7 customer help through email, phone and chatbots. You’re free to use any of the options. The objective is to get help, after all. However, read reviews online for an overview of a casino’s quality of customer service.