Launching a tradesmen business can be an exciting venture. You can go on holiday when you want, choose your own hours and, with no boss to answer to, you can manage your business however suits you best. However, before you can start taking on clients, it’s essential to make sure you’ve got adequate insurance cover. No matter how hard you try, sometimes things go wrong, and you need to be prepared in case they do.

There are a range of different tradesmen insurance aspects to consider, so whether you’re cleaning windows or chopping down trees, you’ll need a policy to protect you and your business from the unexpected. Here, we outline which jobs and trades can benefit from tradesmen insurance and what each type of insurance typically covers.


Builders must ensure they have adequate insurance to cover a number of things that could happen on-site or as a result of carrying out their work. Public liability insurance is essential to protect construction staff from financial consequences which could occur if a member of the public were injured because of the work.

Builders should also ensure their insurance policy covers the damage and theft of tools and stored materials. This will allow them to claim compensation funds to replace anything which is destroyed or stolen.

Window cleaners

Window cleaners should have insurance to cover increased costs of working, as well as their tools and vehicles. The equipment used to carry out professional window cleaning is often expensive and replacing it without the financial cover that insurance can provide could be a significant business setback.

Window cleaning also poses a risk to members of the public, as passers-by could be hurt if something fell on them or if they slipped in a puddle of water caused by window cleaning work. Due to this, window cleaners should take out public liability insurance.

Tree surgeons

Tree surgeons use a range of equipment which can be expensive and inconvenient to replace, which is why taking out tradesmen insurance is so essential. A good insurance policy will provide cover should anything be damaged or stolen, replacing equipment without making a dent in business finances.

Adequate tree surgeon insurance will cover contamination and pollution caused by work being carried out. Public liability insurance should also be included to protect the business financially if a member of the public is injured or affected by the tree surgeon’s work. If not working alone, the tree surgeon is responsible for obtaining employer’s liability insurance to protect their business in the event of a worker facing an injury at work.