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Why Project Cargo Is the Most Complex Freight Service

Freight forwarders are logistical intermediaries between businesses and transport and shipping companies. There’s a lot that a freight specialist undertakes, especially in relation to project cargo freight forwarders.

Sometimes freight forwarding is simple, other times, it can require a mammoth effort. To get a better idea of what it takes to successfully transport project cargo from point A to point B, we’re going to take a closer look at all the services it encompasses and how Welsh businesses could benefit from engaging a specialist.

What Is Project Cargo?

First, let’s talk about what project cargo means precisely. There’s a reason the word “project” is attached to the name of this service. There’s a type of cargo that requires a specific and ultra-complex logistical endeavour, making it a category all of its own.

Essentially, project cargo stands for any domestic or international traffic of high value, complex, heavy-duty pieces of equipment and material. In order to remain within the deadlinesset by the client; project cargo requires special attention to detail.

It can also involve single or multiple shipments per project, requiring different modes of transportation. Before the cargo even sets off towards its destination, the project begins with pre-planning. Project cargo specialists must have a detailed and organised plan as well as several contingencies.

Which Business Mostly Use Project Cargo?

Project cargo services are significantly more complex than your standard freight forwarding. Many people don’t even think about which items require shipping, or whether it’s even possible.

There are many industries that require the services of project cargo freight forwarders. For example, the oil and gas industry transports flammable materials. The same goes for the mining industry, renewable energy, powerplants, and any other industry that might include toxic chemicals and extremely bulky items as their cargo.

Other industries that benefit from the services of project cargo freight forwarders are the military and aerospace. Here’s an example of when project cargo logistics are necessary. A company from the wind turbine industry might need to move one of their turbines to another location.

Wind turbines are huge structures, and moving them is no small feat. A project cargo agent will devise a thorough plan and consider the turbine’s dimensions, weight, correct transport vehicle, and how long it would take to deliver it on time.

Will they take one wind blade at a time or more, and which modes of transport are not possible? These are the questions project cargo experts need to answer.

What Else Can a Project Cargo Specialist Do for You?

If your business requires a project cargo service, all you have to do is reach out to GenX Freight, and a project cargo professional will be assigned to you.

The job of a project cargo expert is to see the project through from start to finish. They will listen to all your cargo requirements and ensure they are executed as per your express instructions.

Once the client books a transport, their only job is to monitor the cargo’s movement online. GenX Freight project cargo professionals take care of everything else. Project cargo services also entail warehousing, customs, and insurance documentation.

Project Cargo Methods of Transport

The job of a project cargo specialist requires thinking outside of the box in terms of logistics and management. In some cases, transporting cargo means utilising several different modes of transport.

Whether it’s a domestic or international project, it might require sea, air, or road freight services. Each freight service comes with a particular set of advantages and challenges, and GenX Freight agents can make the most of them all.

Other Project Cargo Functions

It’s crucial to reiterate that project cargo is one of the most complex levels of transportation in the freight forwarding industry. This is why cargo transportation may sometimes require road survey, police escort, intermodal transport, and chartering.

Efficient Project Cargo Delivery

Moving oversized or hazardous cargo can be incredibly overwhelming to plan. Without project cargo freight forwarders, this can also be an impossible task. Having an experienced project cargo specialist on top of everything will save you a world of stress and so much time.

GenX Freight project cargo services are very comprehensive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major delivery project or the transport of oversized equipment. Both require an equal amount of attention.

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