Boilers are the most useful product you can have in your home, especially during the cold winter season. There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. However, most people pay little to no attention to their boilers, until it starts to act up, and professional help becomes necessary.

If you own the house then you should call the experts every season to service your boilers. If you are living in a rented house, make sure to remind your landlord of the services. You should service the boilers once a year, at least. Regular service is important because of the reasons discussed in this article.

1.      Reduces Your Utility Bills

Electrical appliances can start utilizing more energy once they get older. Since boilers have a lot to do with water, salts, minerals and other debris may start to build up in boilers, thus reducing their efficiency.

When the efficiency of a boiler is compromised, it will take a longer time to bring water to the desired temperature, therefore, using more electricity. Your electricity bills can reach sky high if you are not careful. Regular maintenance can prevent such situations.

2.      Prevents You From Expensive Repairs

If you are getting your boilers checked regularly, you might be able to detect any issue on time. This way you can fix the issue immediately before it builds up to become an expensive one.

Replacing old boilers with new ones can be very expensive. Unless you want to update the model with the latest technology, replacing boilers every season can be expensive. If you want to avoid such situations, make sure to get seasonal services.


3.      Updates Your Warranty

If you have set up a comprehensive boiler cover plan from a reliable professional company such as Corgi Homeplan, then getting regular fixes can keep your warranty applicable for a longer time.

If you forget about boiler services for 2-3 years, your warranty may expire and simple fixes may cost a fortune. Boiler cover is extremely important since they are much more economical and can help you avoid emergencies. Getting a boiler cover plan as soon as you get a boiler in your house can be very helpful for your finances.

4.      Keeps Your Surroundings Safe

Regular checkups on your boiler will make sure that your boiler is in mint condition. If there is any damage or fear of damage the service providers will make you aware of the possible solutions. This way, you can fix the problems in their initial stages, or avoid the problems at all.

Gas leakage, electrocution, and many other potential threats can put the life of your family and neighbors at risk. Regular service can help you avoid these issues.

5.      Checks Legal Requirement

Properly working boilers are a legal requirement according to many residential laws. This is especially important if you are a landlord. According to the laws, landlords are legally obliged to provide a safe living home for their tenants.

Any negligence at the landlord’s end can be life-threatening for the tenants. Properly working boilers are one of the legal requirements and you should have it serviced every year.  You are also obliged to provide a gas safety certificate for any rented properties.