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Wire Fence Donates Full Day of Profits to South Wales Based Rescue Center

On 30th July, Wire Fence donated a full day of profits to a dog rescue center called Hope Rescue to celebrate our best friends, dogs on International Friendship Day.

Hope Rescue was found in 2005 and since then has been saving the lives of stray and abandoned dogs who need a second chance. The rescue’s goal is not just to help abandoned dogs but to tackle the root causes of irresponsible ownership therefore supporting both pets and people.

Cheryl George, Fundraising Manager for Hope Rescue said:

“Now more than ever, dogs in crisis situations and their owners who may be giving up their beloved pets due to their own ill health or changes in their circumstances, desperately need our help. We are working hard to continue to provide essential support to the most vulnerable dogs in our local communities, providing them with urgent veterinary care, secure and cosy kennels, nutritious food, treats, toys and the training and behavioural support they will need to get them ready for their perfect forever homes. The number of dogs coming in through our doors is now starting to rise again towards our pre-COVID levels. This gradual rise was sadly predicted, and many of them are younger dogs with behavioural issues, or older dogs with health issues.

“The donation from Wire Fence will help towards our ever growing vets bill, which sits at around £15,000 each month.”

Follow Hope Rescue’s Facebook page to find out how you can help their work.

Why are Pets Amazing Friends

Wire Fence decided to dedicate International Friendship Day to celebrate the existence of pets, our most loyal friends. The purpose of this day is to show our appreciation towards those who play an important role in our lives.

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