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X-Press Legal Services join LegalTech Association

Leading property search provider, X-Press Legal Services South East Wales has recently become a member of the LegalTech Association for the UK (UKLTA) as it seeks to collaborate in helping to shape the future delivery of legal services through technology.

The UKLTA is bringing together legal professionals, technology providers and consumers of legal services to promote and innovate digital services in the legal sector.

X-Press Legal Services South East Wales is part of a national franchise network of 27 offices, which form the largest independent property search company. The office is owned by local lady, Steph Hector who has an in-depth knowledge of South East Wales. They provide a wraparound service including residential & commercial searches, pre & post completion services, cyber security and compliance products.

The firm has invested heavily in technology and security and also has its own in-house IT development team that continually tracks and evaluates the latest innovations, all of which is providing much needed security and speed of services for the conveyancing sector.

On becoming a member of UKLTA, Steph Hector owner of X-Press South East Wales said: “We are looking forward to collaborating with the UKLTA in their aim to improve access to technology across the legal sector.  It’s a perfect fit for X-Press and will lend itself to our journey.  I know our team is excited about the wider topics and hearing from like-minded professionals within the legal sector.”

UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is delighted that X-Press Legal Services Limited has joined the Association.

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