10 Highly Recommended Building Materials for Construction this 2022

Construction workers collaborating on new house building

Over the years there have been drastic changes in the construction industry in terms of building materials. Each year companies come up with modern construction materials for different aspects of a home build. There are various essential building materials for strength, durability, weight, sustainability among other reasons. The question however remains, which building material for construction is highly recommended in 2022.

The content of this article covers ten highly recommended building materials for construction in 2022.


  1. Floor insulation boards

Most heat in a house is lost through the floor. Floor insulations boards are highly recommended for people who wish to retain the thermal heat in their homes. The main aim of this kind of flooring is to keep your house warm.


  1. Concrete

Concrete is a compound material made from a mixture of smashed stones, gravel, cement and water that are spread together into molds that resemble white bricks or stones. Concrete is highly recommended in building as it has various attributes. This includes:

a) Strengthening of a building foundation as it can withstand strong environmental forces.

b) Concrete is a durable building material hence.


  1. Wood and timber

Timber is a building material used for carpentry purposes. Over the years, wood has been essential in house construction as it serves various uses. There are various applications of wood in buildings such as; Door and window frames, flooring, cabinets, furniture, form work among others.


  1. Cement

Cement is a chemical powder used in construction which when mixed with water it forms a stiff mass. There are various types of cement each vary depending on their intended purposes. Cement is highly recommended in the formation of slabs to make a building firm. Other uses of cement are:

a) Making columns and beams for buildings

b) It is used in making joints of drainage pipes

c) Used for water light structures


  1. Glass

Glass is one of the major widely used building materials for windows panels. It is among the highly recommended construction materials as it has the ability to let in light into a room. In 2022, the construction market has various types of glasses that offer different functions.


  1. Metal/ steel

Metal and steel come second after concrete. It is among the strongest and most essential building materials in 2022. Steel is used to reinforce concrete to make the whole structure firm and durable.

Metal comes in different types and their uses vary when it comes to building a home. To get more information on the types, go to https://civiconcepts.com/blog/types-of-building-materials.


  1. Brick/Masonry

In the ancient days, bricks were made out of fire clay. Over the years, construction engineers still recommend bricks for fire resistant buildings, fireplace lining and inner surfaces of chimneys. This is because they are heat resistant.


  1. Stones

They say old is gold. If you wish to have a long lasting construction, then go for the old material, stones. In 2022, stones are still highly recommended for construction near swampy areas or areas that are frequently affected with natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes.


  1. Plastic

In 2022, the use of plastic in construction will become essential compared to the past years. Plastic is used for roof coverings, floor coverings, wall lining and window casing.


  1. Aggregates

Aggregate is a building material that is mixed with cement, gypsum or lime to form concrete. Aggregate is a building material highly recommended for its durability, stability and resistance to erosion. Commonly used aggregate include sand, smashed rocks or gravel.


Highly recommended building materials for construction in 2022

2022 marks a great investment year from personal growth to home building. After the covid 19 pandemic, every person thinks of investing in a new home but most are uncertain on what building materials are highly recommended. Thus the use of this article is to give you a stress-free mind on deciding on what materials to go for to save a little coin.