3 Different Ways to Check That a Product is Vegan and Eco-Friendly

Veganism has become a fashionable lifestyle choice in recent years. However, most people aren’t vegans just for show. They want to encourage food manufacturers to be more ethical when it comes to animals and help the environment by reducing their food miles. Considering we are currently facing a climate crisis; this makes a lot of sense. And let’s not forget about those who are vegan for dietary and allergy reasons. All in all, veganism is for a good cause. Unfortunately, though, some companies are trying to capitalise on this trend and falsely advertise their products as vegan or environmentally friendly. So, how is anyone supposed to know what’s legitimate or not? That’s what we are going to be discussing in our article today. Keep reading to find out X different ways to check whether a food product is vegan and eco-friendly or not.

1.) Look at the Ingredients

First and foremost, you should check the ingredients before purchasing a food product. Most companies will highlight any allergens in their recipe, including dairy. This is helpful for vegans because they can immediately determine whether they can eat something or not. However, other ingredients that contain animal products aren’t so obvious. Some of the most common hidden animal products include beeswax, honey, milk and casein by-products, isinglass in wine and beer, gelatine and confectioner’s glaze on sweets. Keep these things in mind when you next search the ingredients to check whether they are vegan or not.


2.) Research the Product

It is also worth researching the food product, especially if it’s something you consume regularly. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to see what other people have uncovered in their research and keep yourself well-informed. If you work in the catering or food manufacturing industry, you should also invest in a traceability system to make sure everything is animal product free and eco-friendly before serving it to your customers. For example, companies like http://www.stevenstraceability.com sell equipment which can help you to trace an ingredient back to its source, helping to prevent allergens or animal products from sneaking into your recipe. You should also investigate the manufacturer’s supply chain and parent company to ensure they are completely authentic.


3.) Clear Labelling is Key 

If a company is legitimately selling a vegan and environmentally friendly product, then they will make sure this is clearly labelled on the package. Look for the bunny symbol, which signposts that something is ethical and vegan. Consumers should also be mindful that some companies will try to mislead them into thinking their product is vegan when this isn’t the case. Obviously, it is illegal for them to explicitly say their recipe is vegan. However, they might use phrases like 100% natural, which doesn’t necessarily mean the product has no meat or dairy products, but certainly implies it.

These are some different ways to check whether a product is vegan and environmentally friendly or not. We hope you have found our advice helpful.


Image Credit: Unsplash.com