One of the key aspects of a bed frame is the material it is made from. Not only helping to create a particular style but also ensuring that the bed frame is strong and sturdy enough to last you many, many years, bed frames  are typically made from a handful of materials. In this article we will discuss the 4 most popular bed frame materials, explaining why these are all great options for bed frame designs. 


Simple wooden bed frames are some of the most popular for their sturdiness and versatility. Wooden frames are generally made from hardwood that allows for the wood to be painted in a wide variety of colours. White and black wooden bed frames are usually the most favourite since they allow for a basic and neutral base which can then be dressed with a wide range of bedding. 


Wooden bed frames are typically some of the most simplistic and minimalistic in their design, so it’s important to consider whether you want something a big grander in style or not. However, on the other hand they have become incredibly accessible and inexpensive, making them a great choice for those on a smaller budget

Solid oak 

For those who love the look of a wooden bed frame but want something more luxurious. A solid oak bed frame is the perfect pick! Made from high quality oak wood, these bed frames are incredibly durable and will certainly stand the test of time. Not only this, but they are great for creating a particular rustic or country home style in a bedroom. 


Although solid oak bed frames are usually a little more expensive than a hardwood or pine frame, they are a great investment that will see you through decades of wear and tear. 

Metal bed frames 

Metal bed frames are another durable option. Usually made out of a strong steel, metal bed frames, again can be painted in a wide choice of colours, making them a versatile choice for interior designers and homeowners. What’s also great about metal frames is that they can be made in a wide variety of styles and designs, offering minimalist and traditional bed frame styles to choose from. Again, metal frames are budget friendly and cost-effective, perfect for kids beds and guest room beds which you may not want to spend as much money on. 

Upholstered bed frames 

Finally, upholstered fabric bed frames. These are another great choice for those who want a wide choice of styles and designs. Made in a huge selection of colour ways and styles, you can find an upholstered bed frame to perfectly personalise your sleeping space. Whether you prefer a simple, modern style or traditional, printed look, it’s certainly possible to find an upholstered bed frame in even the most niche style. 


Although not as durable, upholstered bed frames offer extra options such as built-in storage solutions and a great selection of headboard options.