Apple is one of the most used and popular brands in the world. With iOS as its platform, users are assured that their data is secured because of Apple’s integrated design, as well as many restrictions the company imposes when it comes to apps. This makes Apple’s several devices to be consistently secure.


However, even though it’s one of the most secure systems out there, it still has some flaws. This can help hackers find how to spy on a cell phone without access and steal your personal data. We’ve devised this guide to teach you about the most common threats, so you’d be able to recognize and avoid them. Let’s get right into it.

1.  Malware

Just recently, it was reported that hackers have made been exploiting an Apple weakness to control users’ devices. This malware can get full access to your device and get your personal information. The recent incident involved iPhone 6s and the lower models, 0some models of the iPad and iPad Pro models, and Mac Computers running on macOS Monterey. However, to resolve this, Apple advised users to update their iOS version to the latest software.

2.  Fake Apps in the App Store

Even though Apple has its own Apple App Store, fake apps still find their way into your system. This can be done through either calendar event spam that can be sent to your phone, or through online ads and malicious links shared via messaging apps, as well as third-party websites that claim to offer free versions of apps from the App store. Phone tracking researchers at CellTrackingApps warn users to stop downloading apps from unofficial sources.

3.  Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is a process where users forcefully bypass security restrictions imposed by Apple in order to have more control over their phones and install third-party software. Even though it may seem enticing, we strongly recommend avoiding doing it. If you do it, you’re leaving a completely open door to hackers to come in and use it to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone, in this case, your phone.

4.  Suspicious Calendar Invites

There is a lot of deceitful calendar event invites that users are encouraged to click and accept. This is also one of the ways how these hackers can get into your iPhone. These calendar invites usually come in a form of a link or advertisements from the websites that a user visits, so once you open the link or enter any information, they can steal your passwords and data.

5.  Lock Screen Bypass

The Lock Screen Bypass hack for iPhone allows users to access the phone’s contacts, photos, and other information without knowing the password. This exploit was discovered in 2014 by a security researcher, and quickly became a major concern for Apple as it could allow criminals or malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data on an iPhone. Users neededd to type in the wrong password, prompt Siri to access the clock app, after which you could navigate to the search function and open any app on the phone.


iOS is surely a secure operating system with Apple’s continuous monitoring and updating of its security protocols. However, because cybercriminals are being more creative with their hacking methods, we still need to be vigilant and keep up with all the latest exploits.