If you are a car owner who doesn’t really recognise anything under the hood, except for this hoop to retrieve your oil dipstick and that screw top for your radiator, you might wonder why you need to take your car for a service when there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, you only go to the doctor when something isn’t right, not when you feel fine, do you? Having a car properly serviced will help you drive smoothly later, wherever you are driving, be it Wales, Yorkshire or even Buckinghamshire.

Let’s see why the experts say you should get your car serviced regularly, and what you can do to make sure these go smoothly and inexpensively.


Don’t Neglect Your Battery

The battery in an old-fashioned petrol vehicle is a funny thing: it is only really needed to provide the ignition spark – the engine then taking on the burden of powering the movement of the car. Modern cars are a little different, as many of them have complicated electrical systems: GPS, rear-facing cameras, and so on, as well as needing power for the various lights on any vehicle. A glance at accident and breakdown statistics show that a high percentage of breakdowns are caused by battery issues – many of which are easily avoidable with regular servicing!

Furthermore,if you haven’t had your car checked out for a while and you are located in Buckinghamshire (England) , you can get car servicing in Beaconsfield from Broadway Autocentres. Local car servicing experts are helpful as they are receptive to the customers budget and provide tailor-made-solutions. Also be mindful when you are replacing your battery – stop-start cars require specialist batteries. However, most modern cars have monitors that will keep an eye on your battery performance and condition, alerting you if there are any problems.


Keep Your Car Hydrated Too

Just as you are encouraged to nourish your body and keep it hydrated, so too should you look after your car. Fuel is, of course, the main source of ‘nourishment’ for your car and should be kept at a good level to prevent breakdowns due to running out of petrol, but there is also water for the radiator, oil to keep the engine working smoothly, screen wash to ensure a clean and clear windscreen and brake fluid to keep your brakes sharply responsive. These will all be checked at a service, but they are all things that you should keep an eye on as a matter of course.


Brakes and Tyres

Your tyres are the only part of your car that touches the road, and it is important that they are in good condition so you remain in firm control of the car. The brakes are your biggest aid in safe stopping and likewise, should be kept in great condition, year round, not just in time for your annual MOT! Make a point of regularly checking your tyres and brakes, and ensure that your mechanic checks them during every service for peace of mind and greater road safety.


Know Your Car 

Experts recommend that every driver spend some time getting to know their car. Read the manual and understand what tasks need to be completed when (oil and air filter changes, spark plug cleaning, and general servicing advice) and drive mindfully so you get to know what your vehicle feels and sounds like when everything is working well. This will help you immediately pick up when something begins to go wrong. Many breakdowns do give warning signs that can be used to prevent failure: learning to recognise these is a useful skill.


Book Regular Services

All the experts, without exception, recommend taking your car in for a regular service. Once a year is fine for normal daily commutes, but interim services are recommended for cars that are heavily used, driven long distances or that carry heavy loads.

There you have five excellent expert reasons for regular services. If it helps, you can think of it as being your car’s annual health medical, such as you might need for work or insurance purposes.