Whether you’re looking to boost your property’s value or create more space for you and your loved ones, adding another bathroom in your home can provide all kinds of benefits. Once you’re set on the idea and have a budget in place, there are certain things to bear in mind before work gets underway, such as those listed below.


Before work begins on your new bathroom, you need to have a thorough plan in place of how it will look once completed. Your bathroom layout needs to be functional for all the family, otherwise, you may not be happy with the results. Although it isn’t the most exciting of tasks to do, you need to establish where everything is going to go, and what space you have to work with.


Once you’ve designed your bathroom layout, the next step is to pick the right fixtures. If you don’t have tons of space, you may have to compromise on having a bath installed in favour of a shower instead. For those who like to be eco-friendly, there are energy-efficient toilets, showers, and sinks that you may be interested in. Make sure you take your time deciding on fixtures, as you’ll want to get excellent value for money.


When it’s cold and frosty outside, you’ll want your bathroom to feel warm and cosy. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to heating. There are modern bathroom radiators you can buy that will provide tons of warmth and correlate beautifully with your fixtures. You may decide you want your radiator to be independent of your home’s heating system, as this can save you money on your energy bills.


Lighting is another important thing to think about before adding a new bathroom. Your lighting will play a vital role in your bathroom’s mood and functionality. If you don’t have a lot of room, efficient lighting can elevate the feel of nooky, smaller bathrooms, which helps them look and feel brighter and bigger. Also, make sure to think about natural light too. There are an abundance of health benefits you and your loved ones can gain from plenty of natural light pouring into the bathroom window.


Your bathroom is one of the hardest working areas of the home, meaning the space needs to be kept tidy and organised. Should it become messy, your bathroom can quickly become unhygienic. No one wants to deal with damp towels and messy bench tops, so you need to factor in where you’re going to house all the essentials. For those working with limited space, it makes sense to purchase stacked floating shelves that will keep your toiletries in order. You can also add hooks on the door where you can hang your dressing gown or towels.

Whatever your reasons are for adding a new bathroom in your home, once you’ve taken the above on board, this will ensure you create a space that’s practical and functional for you and your loved ones.