5 Ways to Reduce Risks to Your Business During the Holidays

The holiday season can prove busy for many industries, but that also means there are greater risks to watch out for. Even one incident in the office or with a customer can throw off the entire operation. This can trigger a domino effect that leads to more errors, wasted money and delayed productivity. To help you keep your business as productive and positive as possible this season, here are five ways to lower your holiday risks.

Prepare Ahead of Time for Inclement Weather

Slips, falls and injuries from falling objects can all cost thousands of dollars to a business. Make sure that your property is thoroughly winterized for employees and customers alike. Arrange for snow removal, apply rock salt to walkways and make sure there are no icicles that could fall and damage someone’s property or cause bodily harm. Harsh weather can also pose a threat to your property’s structural integrity. Have your roof examined, heater checked and pipes insulated before cold weather sends your business to a screeching halt.

Install Safety Features in Your Fleet

There are always more risks for accidents when driving during the winter. Safety features that help drivers protect themselves on the road are a worthwhile investment this time of year. AI dash cams are optimal for preventing fewer accidents. In-cap coaching gives drivers greater guidance and peace of mind behind the wheel. With Samsara’s camera system, it is responsive and flexible, designed with drivers’ performance and safety in mind. Integrating vehicle safety features can lower costs by preventing incidents and optimizing delivery models.

Improve Your Web Service

Lost business can stem from poor response times or misinformation. When launching a website there are things you need to know, and it is important to keep them in mind after the fact as well. Make sure that your site is optimized to handle an influx of holiday traffic. You should not only improve your server speed but also make sure web content is accurate. If you deal with high call volumes or service tickets this time of year, improve your customer service and IT departments. Better platforms, ticketing systems and FAQs can help customers and workers achieve the results they need faster.

Don’t Lapse on Temporary Hiring Practices

Taking on temp workers to fulfill your holiday demands is helpful, but it shouldn’t come at a lapse of judgement. Knowing how to avoid bad hires is critical since hiring the wrong people can result in more damages than you’d experience with a staff shortage. When you take on temporary workers, make sure that they are not only qualified but committed to their positions. Do not lead with high compensation and low standards. Make sure that people are taken in early for training, do background checks and ensure that there are always supervisors on site to offer guidance.

Avoid Worker Injuries

You can help prevent holiday workplace incidents with the right decorations, carefully managed inventories, and thought-out design. Avoid overcrowding any areas, and make sure that there is plenty of space for people to readily move between shelves, equipment, displays and one another. Incorporate non-slip mats and runners into workplaces, entry points and exists. Keep decorations away from any potential fire hazards, and avoid hanging any heavy objects that could fall and cause injury. You should also be mindful of stress and its impact on mental health. Overworked or overwhelmed employees are at a higher risk of workplace injury. Have frequent meets and delegate tasks to avoid pushing workers beyond their limits.